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ASTPP Still Satisfies VoIP Billing Needs

  • August 13, 2019

ASTPP 4.0 brought revolution in VoIP and telephony industries by introducing the world’s first ever open source smart telephony and open source smart VoIP solution. It offers a unified telephony solution to its users and works as a one stop VoIP solution to meet all and any needs of the VoIP software. It can be used as different types of VoIP systems:

  • DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
  • Calling Card
  • Fax Server aka FoIP
  • Multi Tenant IP PBX
  • And many more

It also offers an amazing range of additional features such as alarms and alerts to keep the system secure; reports – country wise report and schedule reports – to benefit its users with timely and useful system insights.

The amazing offerings and of course smart features of this open source smart VoIP solution are making buzz all around. At the same time, there are some people – existing ASTPP users who are using the earlier version of it just for billing and the people looking for FreeSWITCH billing solution – are concerned about it. They show dilemma about its billing features and wonder whether it has any value as a billing solution or not.

The answer is, definitely! 100%.

The ASTPP is still one of the most powerful VoIP billing software. It offers a wide array of billing features to meet simple to advanced billing needs of the companies all across the world. This solution can be used to automate invoicing and billing part from top to bottom even if you have the most complex billing process. You can create multiple packages to offer and group customers to get charged as per the chosen package. You can also apply special charges or discounts for customers as part of your business strategy. This open source VoIP billing solution can be used for wholesale and retail billing. It supports prepaid and postpaid billing. Its users can also add payment processing to automate bill payment as well. In a nutshell, ASTPP is still one of the most advanced and powerful billing solution.

Can it be used as just a billing solution and not as a smart telephony solution?

Of course, yes.

The core ASTPP 4.0 without any add-ons is a FreeSWITCH billing software with integrated class 4 Softswitch features. It is up to you how many features you want to use and how much you want to chuck. The open source version of ASTPP provides invoicing and billing system with access to its code.

In fact, ASTPP 4.0 offers more advanced billing features. Not only this, but it also offers more attractive and easy to use user interface to benefit its users.

In a nutshell, the ASTPP can still be your first choice for the billing system for your existing system. However, it is advisable to take benefit of everything offered by this powerful smart telephony solution. Its enterprise version opens many new doors of opportunities for business owners and can help you gain many amazing business benefits.

The decision is yours, whether you want to use a complete smart telephony solution or just part of it. Having any queries? Contact us.