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ASTPP Managed vs. Self Hosting Services

  • August 20, 2019


ASTPP Enterprise version is available in the market and we are glad to share that community has shared positive response about it. To make sure everyone gets an equal opportunity to get benefited with the enterprise version of this powerful smart VoIP solution, we have released two options to buy it:

  1. ASTPP Managed Services and
  2. ASTPP Self Hosting Services

Both of these models give access to the ASTPP enterprise version. As we have shared earlier as well the ASTPP enterprise version users will gain access to all ASTPP premium add-ons and some advanced features which are not accessible to the users of open source ASTPP solution. Then, what makes these two models different and which to buy? Fret not. We have two dedicated web-pages, one for each of this model to provide you all the required details you are looking for. Furthermore,

This article gives a real quick comparison between both.

Access to enterprise features

As mentioned earlier, both models offer access to all existing features available in the ASTPP enterprise version when you buy it.

Access to enterprise add-ons

Both, Managed Services and Self Hosting model users can access all enterprise add-ons along with the available open source add-ons to boost their business to new heights.

ASTPP technical services by the team

This is one of the factors that differentiate both models. The user of the ASTPP Managed Services will get access to exclusive technical services from the ASTPP experts. They will take care of all operations related to setting up the system after installation or migration and providing technical and customer support as and when needed. On the other hand, the ASTPP Self Hosting model user needs to take care of all technical aspects by himself or his own technical team. He can buy technical services from the ASTPP team, but he will not get these services by default.

Access to upcoming upgrades to the enterprise version

Both enterprise models of this smart VoIP software offer access to ASTPP versions for one year of tenure. It means for one year, you get access to all new version releases related to the enterprise version.

Upgradation process by ASTPP team

The users of the ASTPP Managed Services get technical services from the ASTPP experts which also include the process of the system upgrade every time a new version is released. On the other hand, the users of ASTPP Self Hosting need to either upgrade the software by themselves or they need to buy a support contract.


As ASTPP Managed Services users get more exclusive services, it is expensive than the ASTPP Self Hosting model.


If you want to get exclusive services from the technically sound ASTPP experts, then ASTPP Managed Services is the right choice for you. However, if you have some budget constraints or if you already have ASTPP experts in your team, you can opt for the ASTPP Self Hosting model.

Before making a final decision, contact us to know the exact price and some more benefits available to the ASTPP enterprise version users.