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ASTPP Reseller Account and Its Benefits

  • September 1, 2021

ASTPP has been catering to its customers with its smart telephony features and add-ons. ASTPP has several amazing offerings that can help its users to grow rapidly. Moreover, the proactive ASTPP leaders keep adding more and more useful features and functionalities to empower the users of ASTPP. One of the most amazing core features/modules available to ASTPP users is the Reseller module. 

The reseller module has been one of the most popular modules and we will shed some light on it. 

Reseller module in ASTPP

It is a complete reseller solution that can be used to create reseller accounts for any business. It is developed to help ASTPP users to grow faster. That is why it supports N-level reseller accounts within a single account.

The reseller module is important in all businesses, which is why this module is available for both open source and enterprise version users of this smart telephony platform.

What are the major benefits of a reseller account?

Resellers play an important role in the growth of any business and the telephony business or any VoIP business is not something different here. ASTPP is used by some of the major companies to run their VoIP service businesses. Adding resellers can help in multiple ways. Let us share some of the major advantages of a reseller account.

1. More business

ASTPP allows you to create unlimited reseller accounts. Each reseller can have unlimited customers and the main user of the ASTPP will earn from each customer of resellers. This simply means higher business. Each reseller will earn independently. Thus, the resellers will focus on increasing their customers and revenues, which will ultimately contribute to increased business and revenues for you, too.

2. Better customer management

Believe it or not, but you alone cannot either increase the customer base or manage a large customer base as well as you can with an army of resellers. When you will have resellers, you can rest assured that there are multiple businesses handling a specific group of customers. This can make customer management more simplified and well organized. This can help in increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

3. Better business positioning

Each reseller can work as your representative in different countries or cities. Having a local presence can help you put your best foot forward. A reseller handling local customers will know the norms of customer relationship management in a specific country. This will help you deliver better services to the customers at lower expenses. All of this will help you make your business brand stronger.


The Reseller module of ASTPP is developed with a meticulous approach to help businesses grow at a rapid rate. On the other hand, resellers can start their business with a minimum investment by participating in the reseller programs offered by ASTPP users. It means ASTPP Reseller accounts can help in creating a win-win situation for businesses and their resellers. 

ASTPP has many amazing features to offer along with the reseller module. To know more about ASTPP, contact us.