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How to Create a Complete Business Model with ASTPP?

  • September 6, 2021


ASTPP stands for A Smart TelePhony Platform and it is indeed a smart telephony platform. This platform has several advantages in empowering different businesses in VoIP and other industry verticals. Along with empowering businesses, this smart telephony platform can also help in creating a complete and successful business model.

Here, we will share how you can use ASTPP to create a complete and successful business model.

1. Learn about ASTPP

ASTPP has been in the market for more than 16 years, so everyone in the VoIP industry knows about this software. However, it is necessary to learn more about this smart telephony platform. The reason is originally it was an Asterisk-based billing solution. However, now ASTPP is a way more advanced, powerful, and smart telephony platform. It uses FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPs, and many other powerful technologies. Along with the VoIP billing solution, it has multiple other VoIP software solutions to offer. 

There is much you can learn about this platform. Knowing more about this platform will help you take better advantage of this platform at its full potential.

2. Start slow

As mentioned earlier, ASTPP has a wide array of VoIP solutions, but you should not start selling each of them in one go. The best move would be to start by using any one solution and start running a VoIP business to generate revenues. For example, you can start using a class 4 Softswitch solution to offer wholesale VoIP services to global customers. Use the best marketing campaigns to generate awareness about your business and increase leads.

3. Keep adding cross services 

Once you find your business is well established and you are generating revenues with a smart telephony platform, you need to make a plan to use any of the other VoIP solutions available in this smart telephony platform to launch one more business. As you would already have a customer base, the best business move would be to add a solution that can complement your current offering. For example, if you are running a wholesale VoIP business using class 4 Softswitch of ASTPP, you should add retail VoIP business by using a multi-tenant IP PBX solution.

Keep adding new add-ons and launching new businesses to increase the number of channels for revenue generation.

4. Automate billing

ASTPP is popular for its billing features. It is an even more powerful, robust, and reliable VoIP billing platform than it was earlier. To run a successful business, you must use this powerful VoIP billing solution as it automates the whole invoicing and billing aspects. You can focus more on your core business than focusing on invoicing and billing intricacies.


ASTPP: smart telephony platform is a comprehensive and all-inclusive solution. It can be used to define a business model from scratch and then execute the complete business model to generate handsome revenues. The smart telephony platform has a major role in empowering thousands of businesses across the globe. Your business can be another successful business backed by this smart telephony platform. 

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