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ASTPP Technology That Makes It the Best Open Source VoIP Solution

  • March 9, 2021

ASTPP is renowned as A Smart TelePhony Platform across the globe. It has a wide array of add-ons to offer. Each of these add-ons offers full-fledged VoIP solutions or value-added functionalities or features. It is the only enterprise and open source VoIP solution, which offers a bouquet of VoIP solutions.

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ASTPP is a smart VoIP telephony platform not only because of its add-ons and bouquet of VoIP solutions, but also because of the cutting-edge technologies used to develop this smart VoIP platform.

This smart VoIP platform guarantees an excellent performance, high scalability, exceptional security, and robustness. All these because of the technologies used in the development of this software. We cannot share all technologies used in building this smart VoIP telephony platform in this blog. However, to give a better idea to all those technically well-versed VoIP experts that are looking for a reliable class 4 Softswitch solution, multi tenant IP PBX software, or any other VoIP platform, we are going to share details about 2 major technologies used in the development of this platform. We will share how these technologies make it the best platform, even for open source ASTPP users.


  • One of the primary technologies in the development of ASTPP is FreeSWITCH. As everyone knows, FreeSWITCH is more robust than Asterisk.
  • FreeSWITCH in accordance with other cutting-edge technologies used to build this smart VoIP software makes sure that its users can handle 500 concurrent calls. On a single server, you can handle 500 parallel calls with excellent quality of calls. If we talk about one of the open source VoIP billing solutions, which also offers some of the features of the class 4 Softswitch, it can handle only 250 concurrent calls. Yes, we are talking about A2Billing. On a single server, it can handle only 250 parallel calls as it uses Asterisk as a fundamental technology.
  • You can add more servers to handle more concurrent calls. Each server will be able to handle 500 CC (Concurrent Calls). It means it is a highly scalable solution, too.
  • This makes sure the open source version of ASTPP, which mainly offers class 4 Softswitch and VoIP billing solutions, delivers exceptional performance.


  • Scalability and higher service level agreement (SLA) are necessary for the VoIP businesses like business phone services, ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers).
  • OpenSIPs technology is used for effective load balancing and failover. OpenSIPs functions as a SIP registrar. It adds excellent load balancing and failover support.
  • This technology makes sure even in the condition of the high traffic and load, the software can sustain by balancing the load.
  • Even in the case of failure, the system will keep running with its failover support.
  • It means ASTPP is a highly scalable solution, which makes sure its users enjoy 99.99% of uptime.

The ASTPP enterprise solution empowers VoIP businesses and ITSPs, enabling them to run their operations flawlessly and continue their growth. If you’re interested in learning more or scheduling a risk-free trial of the ASTPP enterprise solution, please contact us.