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Why Is ASTPP Easier to Adopt Than A2Billing?

  • March 16, 2021

If you are an ITSP, VoIP business owner, or anyone who wants to run multiple VoIP businesses to increase revenue generation, then ASTPP is the best choice. Cutting the long story short, ASTPP has an array of add-ons representing several VoIP solutions, which can be used to run multiple VoIP businesses in parallel. At the cost of a single VoIP solution, you can get multiple VoIP solutions to run multiple VoIP businesses. However, if you are thinking to use open source class 4 Softswitch with VoIP billing solution, then you have two options to consider:

  1. ASTPP and
  2. A2Billing

Both are open source VoIP solutions and both offer the class 4 Softswitch with billing solution. There are many aspects to consider and we are going to compare the ease of adopting these open source VoIP solutions.

1. ASTPP has an array of resources to help to make it easier to adopt this platform

ASTPP offers a wide array of resources, so this smart telephony platform can be adopted with ease. From installation to the right way of using this software and how to increase the business growth, It has many resources to offer such as:

  • User manual
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • Forum
  • Chat with team
  • And many more

A2Billing also has some of the options mentioned above, but with poor reliability. For example, documentation of the software is outdated and the Forum of it often stays down.

2. You can join a training program to be pro in using ASTPP

ASTPP has an ASTPP Training and Certification Program. In this program, the ASTPP experts who have developed this smart VoIP telephony platform and are still working on building its future features coach the participants. This training program covers the complete walkthrough of open source and enterprise versions of ASTPP and it also covers some amazing tips, which are known to only it’s experts. One also receives the certification of training from the it’s community.

A2Billing has no availability of official training programs. You either need to take the help of a company or freelancer, which may or may not cover the expert facts.

3. ASTPP has a highly proactive community

When you use an open source VoIP solution, you rely more on community support. Any company would choose open source option to save some bucks. If you need to invest in freelancers for support, then it doesn’t save money as expected. Thus, active community support is necessary.

ASTPP has forums with the most proactive community. During working days, one receives the response and resolution within a day. On the contrary forum of A2Billing is often down.

4. You can switch to the enterprise version anytime you want to

If you use class 4 Softswitch solution, it means you are going to run a wholesale VoIP business. In the future, you may want to use more VoIP solutions to offer more services and need the paid support from experts. This arrangement is possible with ASTPP as It has an enterprise version, which offers multiple VoIP solutions and technical support from experts. You don’t find any option related to this with A2Billing.

These are the top reasons ASTPP is easier to adopt compared to A2Billing. To read the complete comparison, read our blog A2Billing vs. ASTPP.