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What Makes ASTPP the Best Class 4 Softswitch in the Market?

  • March 2, 2021

A class 4 Softswitch solution is one of the renowned and most popular solutions. Anyone interested in running a wholesale VoIP business needs to use a class 4 Softswitch. Because of its increasing popularity, several VoIP development companies across the globe offer the class 4 Softswitch solution. You can find all three options to buy this wholesale VoIP Softswitch:

  • Proprietary
  • Open source and
  • Hosted

Out of all available options to get this VoIP software, ASTPP is one of the reliable vendors. You can 100% rely on ASTPP because it offers the best class 4 Softswitch solution in the market.

Let us share the top 7 reasons that prove why class 4 Softswitch offered by ASTPP is the best for any scaled business running a wholesale VoIP business.

Top 7 reasons which makes ASTPP the Best Class 4 Softswitch in the Market

1. Availability of all the required call routing rules

The main function of the class 4 Softswitch solution is to route calls to their destinations. Here, the call volume would be in a large quantity and the destination will be long-distance, mostly international. Because of these aspects, it is called a wholesale switch. As the main function of this solution is to route the calls from source to destination, the wholesale VoIP service provider charges their customers based on the strategy of routing the call volume. For this reason, they need multiple call routing features. The class 4 Softswitch offered by the ASTPP has all call routing rules available in the market, which includes the following:

  • Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Lossless Routing
  • Prefix based Routing
  • Priority-based Routing
  • Non-CLI routing
  • CLI routing
  • Cost-based Routing

2. Robustness and scalability

As the wholesale VoIP business is all about wholesale call routing, the class 4 Softswitch you use must support routing multiple calls in parallel, which is called CC (Concurrent Calls). The class 4 Softswitch offered by ASTPPP supports 500 CC per minute. By adding OpenSIPs instance, the capacity of the wholesale switch can be increased. It means the class 4 Softswitch offered by ASTPP is highly scalable and robust.

3. Access to a comprehensive VoIP billing solution

As the wholesale VoIP business offers call routing strategy-based services, it needs to bill customers based on the call routing rules selected by them. In addition to that, Softswitch handles thousands of calls per minute for different users. The customers need to be billed based on the number of calls they routed. The billing process in a wholesale VoIP business is often quite complicated and not an easy accountancy job that can be performed by manual accountants. Therefore, a comprehensive VoIP billing solution is necessary. ASTPP offers the most powerful VoIP billing software, which is tried and tested by thousands of businesses. Using class 4 Softswitch of ASTPP also means that you do not need to worry about the billing system as you get it inclusively.

4. Open source and enterprise options

The ASTPP has been offering open source class 4 Softswitch and VoIP billing system for more than 16 years. Before a few years, the community has also launched an enterprise version of the software. Both, open source and enterprise version users get class 4 Softswitch and billing system. Of course, the enterprise version users get some additional features. In addition to that, both version users receive some add-ons, which represent some major functionalities or VoIP solutions. For example, the ASTPP enterprise solution users get access to an add-on, namely, multi tenant IP PBX. It is a complete multi tenant IP PBX solution. So along with the wholesale VoIP services, you can also offer retail VoIP services. There are many add-ons it has to offer. Check ASTPP add-ons.

You get complete flexibility to switch from one version to another and you get access to the pool of VoIP solutions.

5. Proactive community or paid support

When you use a technical solution, technical support is something you may need. Therefore, it is necessary to check for easy access to support. If you use an open source version of ASTPP, you can take advantage of its forum, which has ASTPP experts that are ready to help you with you any and all queries for free. On the other hand, if you use the ASTPP enterprise solution, you can avail yourself paid support from the ASTPP experts that are developing and growing ASTPP, A Smart TelePhony Platform. Along with the support, you will always have resources at your disposal that can help you get the technical guidance along with the tips to grow your business:

  • ASTPP user manual documentation
  • Change logs
  • Blog
  • News
  • Webinars and events
  • And many more

6. Ongoing upgradation

 The right and the best solution is not the one that has all advanced features, but it is the one that has all advanced features, plus, it keeps upgrading itself. It means any technical product needs to get upgraded with the technology and market shifts. The class 4 Softswitch solution is also a technical solution and it has to get new features with the technological advancements. Whether you use an open source or proprietary wholesale Softswitch, one thing is sure: you need to check the version upgrade releases. The version upgrade release indicates that the company or community relentlessly works on the platform to make sure the software helps you stay ahead of your competitors.

7. Free demo and a trial

The class 4 Softswitch is one of the solutions that have to be selected carefully. Getting a trial to test the platform is necessary to explore how reliable and easy to use the software is. ASTPP is one of those few providers across the globe that offers a risk-free trial. ASTPP offers a 14 days risk-free trial to interested users. Along with the wholesale Softswitch and VoIP billing solutions, there are many other functionalities and VoIP solutions available along with this smart VoIP software.

All these traits make class 4 Softswitch of ASTPP an ideal solution for anyone. Contact us for more details.