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Why ASTPP Assures More Value over Money Compared to A2Billing?

  • April 27, 2021

ASTPP and A2Billing are often considered as alternatives of each other when businesses look for an open source VoIP solution offering class 4 Softswitch with VoIP billing features. Therefore, we have come up with this comparison article, which shares why ASTPP gives more value over money compared to A2Billing.

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Before we get into a detailed discussion, let’s answer an important question.

Is the open source VoIP solution really free?

No, it is not.

Even when you get code and software for free, you have to invest in servers, infrastructure, staff training, etc. Also, if you are not a technical person, you will need to use a paid service for installation and setup.

Therefore, even an open source VoIP solution is not completely free.

Now, let’s explore how ASTPP gives more value over money compared to A2Billing.

1. Infrastructure cost

ASTPP uses advanced technologies as building blocks of this smart telephony platform. Use of FreeSWITCH and OpenSIPs in the most strategic way assures that you need minimum infrastructure to receive maximum performance.

Unlike ASTPP, A2Billng still uses the same VoIP technology, which has limitations related to the parallel calls and calls per second. Therefore, to get maximum performance, users need more hardware.

For example, ASTPP can support 500 CC (Concurrent Calls) on a single server. To run 500 CC using A2Billing, the user needs to have 2 servers of the same capacity. This clearly shows, ASTPP gives 50% more value over money compared to A2Billing.

2. Installation cost

ASTPP is easy to install. In three simple steps, it will be installed.

Unlike that, A2Billing needs a script for installation.

Therefore, whether you put your own VoIP engineers or if you use paid help, installation hours and efforts needed to install A2Billign will be higher than ASTPP. Here as well ASTPP offers more value over the money.

3. Investment in learning

Whether you are going to use class 4 Softswitch or just a VoIP billing solution, your team will need to learn the usage of the software. ASTPP uses easy to understand GUI elements. It has a clear layout, navigation, menus, etc. to make it easy to learn.

On the other hand, A2Billing still uses an outdated interface. It has some complex modules, which increases the time of learning.

ASTPP also offers documentation, training, video tutorial, and other resources to make sure the ASTPP users can easily learn this already easy to use platform. A2Billing does not have any such support to offer for training except paid options from third party companies and freelancers.

4. Technical support

ASTPP has a proactive community in which ASTPP leaders and developers also provide prompt responses to offer free technical support. On the other hand, A2Billing community leaders have stopped offering any technical support for this platform. Moreover, often, the community forum stays in the “Not Working” state.

All in all, ASTPP offers the most advanced platform, easy to use interface, and excellent technical support. All these make it an ideal open source VoIP solution that offers better value over the money.

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