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Automate Reporting and Billing with VoIP for Your Class 4/5 Softswitch

  • March 24, 2023

Businesses often use a combination of automated and manual tools to handle different jobs like Automate Reporting and Billing with VoIP for Your Class 4/5 Softswitch. It is necessary to keep operations efficient and accurate. Traditionally, some business operations were performed manually in the VoIP industry similar to several other industry verticals. However, inventions and innovations have automated several business operations, which were performed manually earlier. This is the time to leverage these technological boons.

Reporting and billing are two vital operations in the business running over class 4/5 Softswitch solutions in the VoIP industry. These two business functions are crucial in any industry vertical, but in businesses like wholesale and retail VoIP, reporting and billing become even more vital.

The right VoIP billing software along with the VoIP Softswitch solution can automate more than 80% of operations in the business. This makes it not only effective, but also accurate as it removes occasions of manmade errors. Let’s understand how it works in detail in this blog post.

Class 4/5 Softswitch Solution

Reporting in the class 4/5 Softswitch software

A class 4 Softswitch solution is used to route VoIP call traffic to international destinations, which further routes it to the local destinations to make the whole phenomenon of cheap international calling work. This Softswitch solution usually handles hundreds to thousands of concurrent calls per second. Moreover, different calls choose different carriers, call termination and call routing strategies. The customers get billed based on all these factors and a custom rate card in the wholesale VoIP business that runs over a class 4 Softswitch software solution.

A class 5 Softswitch solution on the other hand is used by retail VoIP service providers to offer VoIP communication and collaboration services to local businesses, which can be startups, SMBs, enterprises, MNCs, etc. It can handle tens of calls to hundreds of calls per second. Along with calling services, it also offers multiple other features like call forwarding, conference calling, video chat, IVR, time based call routing, and more. The customers may get charged based on their subscription, which gives them access to a predefined set of features for communication and collaboration, plus, the number of VoIP minutes they use.

Reporting in both class 4 and class 5 Softswitch solution based businesses is crucial as it is a vital factor used in reviewing various factors like:

Vital Factors Consider During Reporting in Both Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch Solution

  • Which subscription models or rate cards are popular?
  • What are the popular features?
  • How many calls are made by each user?
  • How many total minutes are used for communication by each user?
  • How many extensions are there in a company?
  • Which revenue model can best work in certain territories?
  • Where lies future business opportunities?
  • And more

There are several other aspects that can be measured via reports that not only help in keeping the business moving, but also help in taking some vital decisions.

In the VoIP industry, it is possible to track everything, from minutes of calls to caller ID, country, cost per call or cost per minute, etc. and log them into standard or graphical report format. Moreover, it can also be used to record calls, generate transcripts of calls, etc. All this can be presented in tabular or graphical report formats.

Billing in the class 4/5 Softswitch software

Similar to reporting, billing is also a vital function in the industry that uses over class 4/5 Softswitch solutions because there will be complicated billing involved. Even if a customer books a predefined subscription for class 4 and class 5 Softswitch solution, but still, there will still be differences in top-up services, add-ons, customization, number of call minutes, and aspects. Thus, it is necessary to track individual use of the software and bill customers accordingly. The VoIP billing software helps in keeping track of all these obvious and not so obvious factors to efficiently bill each individual company or user that uses wholesale or retail calling services.

You can also find an exclusive VoIP billing solution that is developed for class 4 or class 5 Softswitch solution to bill customers. This solution completely automates the job of keeping track of individual and company wise use of the system. It also automates the job of generating invoices by adding a summary and details of the usage, taxation, add-on fees, surcharge, etc. Along with the .csv version, the billing system generates a PDF version of VoIP bills.

In addition to generating usage wise invoices for customers, the system also generates triggers to send these invoices. The best VoIP billing platform can automatically send PDFs of bills to the individual email addresses as per the billing cycle. The system can also integrate a payment processing mechanism within the billing email to let customers pay the bills.

It means the best VoIP billing solution can automate the whole process of billing customers based on their usage and multiple other factors.

VoIP Billing Solution Provider

Reporting and billing in the VoIP Softswitch solution

Reporting and billing may seem like two different functions, but they work hand in hand. The reports log all different aspects of using wholesale and/or retail services offered by the class 5 or class 4 Softswitch solution based service provider. In the software, these reports would be provided in standard or graphical format, but it will also create data that is passed to the billing platform. That solution will use this data to generate invoices.

Thus, a VoIP development company that builds a Softswitch also builds billing and reporting with automation features to make it a comprehensive solution for providers.

Concluding notes

In a nutshell, billing and reporting are two vital parameters of any business, but in the VoIP business using the Softswitch solution, it becomes even more crucial and complicated. Thanks to the technology that automates the whole operation. To ensure manmade errors are completely eliminated, it is necessary to leverage automation.

We offer class 4/5 Softswitch solutions, as well as, we provide the best reporting and billing system for the users of these Softswitch solutions. We also provide customized solutions to integrate added features in the Softswitch, reporting or billing. To know more about the services and solutions we offer, contact us TODAY!

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