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VoIP Billing Software – Top Tips to Choose the Best

  • March 17, 2023

The selection of the right software is as important as the selection of the right business. If you do not select the right solution and business, there is nothing that can come to your rescue. If you are in the VoIP industry, one of the vital software solutions is a VoIP billing software solution. 

In general, businesses running service businesses based on class 4 and class 5 Softswitch uses a VoIP billing solution. However, that is not it. Any VoIP service provider would need a reliable VoIP invoicing and bill payment software solution. No matter which VoIP solution you use, this guide and tips will help you choose the right VoIP billing platform.

Top tips to choose the right VoIP billing solution


1. Choose a solution that is built over robust technology

The VoIP industry has multiple technologies and technology driven platforms providing APIs for the integration of a VoIP billing platform. For example, an open source VoIP billing solution provides APIs to integrate the whole platform into your VoIP Softswitch solution. Usually, differences in technologies of your business VoIP system and billing system will not cause any challenges. For example, if your class 4 Softswitch is developed in Asterisk and you opt for a FreeSWITCH billing solution, it will not cause any compatibility challenges. However, it is necessary to choose software that is built over cutting edge technology to avoid future challenges related to robustness, scalability, etc. For example, a FreeSWITCH billing solution is more reliable than an Asterisk billing software solution.

2. Look for automation

Invoicing and billing are massive jobs in the VoIP business, especially when you are running a business with solutions like class 4 and class 5 Softswitch. Thus, automation becomes necessary to save time and resources, plus, eliminate associated errors. The best VoIP billing software will implement complete automation for invoicing, billing, and payment processing, which makes it an ideal solution. 

It will automate calculating different rates based on the subscription, cost per call, routing rules, and other factors. It will further automate the generation of invoices and PDFs of invoice receipts. It will send the invoice via email trigger, including a payment processing link, directly to the customer’s inbox. This is how the VoIP invoicing and bill payment software will automate the whole process of invoicing customers and billing them, as well as letting them make payments. It will not require any human intervention.

Two Major Models VoIP Billing Solutions for Small Businesses

3. It must be compatible with your solution

If you have purchased a VoIP Softswitch solution with an inbuilt FreeSWITCH or Asterisk billing software, then you might not need to worry about compatibility. However, if you have already bought a class 4 Softswitch solution and now you are looking for a billing system to integrate into the Softswitch solution, then you will need to ensure compatibility between both of these solutions. Usually, different development technologies don’t create hindrances. However, it is necessary to check with the provider to ensure that your system will have seamless integration with the billing system and will not cause any future challenges. 

You can also ask for post-delivery support from the provider. Even if you use an open source VoIP billing solution, you can avail yourself of technical support from the community, which is made available by the main community in general. It is necessary to ensure not only seamless integration but also seamless operations after integration. Neither VoIP solution nor VoIP billing should be affected due to compatibility issues.

4. It should have frequent or reliable version upgrade

VoIP Billing Solution Provider

This aspect is often overlooked during the selection of any software, but it is really very important. If you want to stay competitive, it is necessary to check how frequently or effectively your software provider is releasing new versions. The new versions of the software often include bug fixing, performance enhancements, and most importantly, better and more advanced features. All this is necessary to stay competitive. Thus, it is necessary to check how frequently your VoIP billing solution provider is releasing versions of VoIP billing software. Even if version releases are not that frequent, it is necessary to have mature versions of the software with all competitive features to ensure you have the most advanced software at hand.

5. It must include all aspects of billing

It is necessary to understand the real functionalities of the best VoIP billing software. The system generates invoices and does other tasks. You must ensure your billing system supports those features. Some of the major jobs supported by the top proprietary or open source VoIP billing software are rate card, account mapping, custom bill field generation, invoicing, receipt generation, payment processing, etc. Your software must support all these features to ensure you don’t need to invest additionally in customization of your software or custom development. 

Concluding notes 

VoIP billing is a crucial and challenging job in any VoIP business. Whether you are running a retail, wholesale, or any other VoIP business, the billing system has to be reliable and streamlined. If you are going to purchase software such as a retail Softswitch or a wholesale Softswitch, then look for a system with an integrated billing system. However, if you are looking for a proprietary or open source VoIP billing software system that you need to integrate into your software, then you have to be cautious with your choice. Making the right choice will ensure seamless operations and no further investment in custom development. The tips mentioned in this blog post will help you find an ideal billing and payment processing system. 

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