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Benefits Of Integrating Billing And CRM With A Wholesale Softswitch

  • May 29, 2023

Businesses have become quite diverse compared to past years while a single software platform is enough to handle a whole operational model and all business functions. Nowadays, along with running a business using a primary system, there are several other business operations that need to be taken care of. Each of these business functions or a bundle of business operations needs a dedicated solution. In today’s blog post, we will shed light on running a wholesale VoIP business using a feature rich wholesale Softswitch. We will also cover two necessary business solutions that you would need along with your VoIP Softswitch solution and the benefits of using those systems. 

When you use multiple solutions in a business, it becomes necessary to build a comprehensive platform that provides all-inclusive features with a single sign-on rather than using multiple solutions that have a clear disconnect with each other. This disconnected system would increase the information and communication gap, reduce efficiency and productivity, and increase several challenges. All this can be easily overcome by integrating these systems together. We will discuss more about it as we proceed with learning about the benefits of using an integrated solution. 

The VoIP software development companies recommend using a VoIP billing system and a CRM solution along with a feature rich wholesale VoIP Softswitch solution.

The role of each of solutions in a wholesale VoIP business. 

Wholesale Softswitch 

The main role of this software is to provide call routing services to carriers over international destinations using different call routing strategies. This system deals with wholesale VoIP traffic, which is why it is referred to as a wholesale Softswitch solution. 

Streamline Your Wholesale Operations with Integrated Billing and CRM.

VoIP billing software 

This system provides a wide array of features to create and manage all different functions related to billing and invoicing clients. It is popular for automating the job of billing and that makes it stand apart compared to a manual accounting and billing process. 

CRM software 

A CRM system is a suite of tools and solutions available in a packaged form. This system was fundamentally designed for better management of customer records to build a strong customer relationship. Modern CRM solutions help businesses manage customer data, better tracking of sales leads, automate sales and marketing cycles and handle multiple other tasks. 

Integration of a wholesale VoIP Softswitch with billing and CRM systems

Integration of a wholesale VoIP Softswitch with billing and CRM systems 

In a wholesale VoIP business, using all three stated solutions is a necessity to run a seamless business. These solutions handle three different functions of the business and several other sub-functions of the wholesale VoIP business. 

Using them as three separate solutions can create a huge disjoint and lead to several challenges, inaccuracies, and inefficiencies. The resources would also get wasted as some of the similar chunks of data need to be managed in all three systems. 

The integration of a wholesale VoIP Softswitch solution with the best VoIP billing software and CRM solution builds a complete and all-inclusive platform. Your solution provider can offer this integration to provide the most reliable and powerful solution. 


Benefits of an integrated system built with a CRM, billing, and wholesale Softswitch solutions 

Benefits of Integrating Billing and CRM with a Wholesale Softswitch

There are several benefits of using this integrated system in a wholesale VoIP business. Let’s explore the major ones. 

Synchronized data for accurate management 

It is necessary to manage customer data across all systems to provide reliable and personalized services. Unlike a manual system, the integrated platform provides synchronization of data to manage similar copies of records of all customers across all three systems: wholesale Softswitch, CRM, and VoIP billing software solutions. This data synchronization process will be automated, which provides several advantages to the wholesale VoIP business provider. 

Boosted team productivity 

The integrated system will streamline different business operations and record management jobs across all three systems. Thus, a team of a wholesale business provider will not need to spend time in record keeping. They will also not need to switch back and forth between all three solutions while looking for some information or data. All the required information will be available within a VoIP Softswitch solution. Moreover, several jobs will be automated to save time on these resources. For example, a VoIP billing system will automate billing and invoicing. The CRM system will automate marketing and sales related functions. All this helps in boosting the productivity of the team. 

Augmented customer experience 

Similar to any other business, even in the wholesale business, customers will have some queries and confusion. They will need customer support. Automated systems like the best VoIP billing software will resolve a majority of confusion related to invoicing and billing by sending a detailed invoice. Moreover, the CRM integration with Softswitch will help the customer care team to deliver more personalized customer services. The customer care representatives will take less time retrieving information and they will provide a more personalized experience. This will help in augmenting the overall customer experience and receive all the benefits related to a happy customer base. 

Boosted lead generation and conversion 

The integrated system will generate more in-depth reports that can provide solid data about popular products in a specific geography and demography. It will also provide other information and data related to the sales funnel to help wholesale VoIP businesses to build a highly targeted marketing campaign. This type of targeted campaign always boosts results by increasing lead generation and sales. 

Cut costs 

An integrated system will help to lower costs in multiple ways. It will double the performance and productivity of the team, which would help you achieve more in less. This reduces expenses over manpower. The integrated system will reduce expenses related to managing three different solutions, which could be a resource intensive job. Automation introduced with the integration of these three systems will help in boosting efficiency and reduce costs even further. 

Each of these three solutions is capable of reducing the expenses of a wholesale business at the individual level. The integrated system will reduce expenses at a much higher percentage 

Concluding notes 

In conclusion, the wholesale VoIP business is rapidly growing due to its fundamental advantage of providing cost-effective international calls to consumers. Several businesses and their profit models are dependent on the wholesale business in this industry. Thus, innovation and dependability are necessary. The CRM system greatly enhances customer relationship management and journey within a business. On the other hand, the VoIP billing solution has a vital role in automating invoicing, billing and payment related jobs in this business. The wholesale Softswitch solution is definitely a powerful system, which makes wholesale business seamless and simplified for wholesale service providers compared to hardware based architecture. It means all three systems have a major role in the wholesale VoIP business. 

The integration of these three systems creates an innovative, comprehensive platform for wholesale providers, delivering reliability, robustness, and scalability. It touches on different aspects of the wholesale VoIP business and makes it more profitable. Thus, it is recommended to invest in the integration of these three systems. 

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