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Class 4 Softswitch: A Tool To Build A Successful Telecom Carrier Business

  • June 7, 2023

Building a successful VoIP business can be a great business strategy because this industry is already blooming. It is a billion-dollar industry and it has registered a growth rate of 12.20% CAGR. The growth rate of this industry is increasing with each passing year. This has set the stage for VoIP providers to capture revenue-generating opportunities. Out of several solutions in the VoIP industry, a class 4 Softswitch is a solution that can be used to capture a major market of this industry. It can let business owners rule a high revenue-generating chunk of the market. 

The telecom industry can work without any VoIP solution, but one cannot imagine it without two major VoIP Softswitch solutions. The nature and necessity of this solution make this segment of wholesale and retail VoIP business more attractive. Retail and wholesale Softswitch solutions are indeed ruling the VoIP world.  

Unlike a retail switch, the class 4 Softswitch software itself does not have any communication features such as call mute and unmute, call transfer, call hold and retrieve, etc. However, this software plays a crucial role in connecting the retail switch that provides this communication network to long distance carriers and other wholesale switch solutions. This indeed completes the circle of SIP based telecommunication networks. This is one of the reasons a wholesale switch is referred to as a perfect telecom carrier tool. 

This blog post will delve into further details on how to utilize this telecom carrier platform to build a successful and flourishing business. You will also learn several amazing facts about this popular software. 

So let’s explore the details of each of these points and learn more about the usage of this tool that builds a sustainable business as a telecom carrier or a wholesale VoIP service provider. 

1. What is a Class 4 VoIP Softswitch Solution?

what is a class 4 voip softswitch solutions

Before we get into details of what is a class 4 Softswitch solution, it is necessary to understand what a VoIP Softswitch solution is. 

A VoIP switch is a central device in the VoIP ecosystem. This switch sits at different endpoints and provides a predefined set of features and services to carriers, service providers, local providers, businesses, and end users. Traditionally, the VoIP world was operated by hardware based infrastructure, which required the setup of chunky devices and complicated structure of wiring to set up a private business phone system. This demanded manpower with technical expertise, physical space, etc.  

The innovation of VoIP software to run this whole setup with software solutions brought transformational changes and shifts. The bulky devices were replaced by software solutions developed by any of the best VoIP development companies. The VoIP Softswitch solutions along with other VoIP solutions built by these companies incorporated major functions within the software. Thus, a Softswitch could handle call signaling, call transmission, data transmission, call routing, communication requests, and more. In fact, these VoIP solutions could even manage to provide advanced communication solutions, which could not be achieved with traditional systems or it got too expensive to use them. 

Class 4 Softswitch

A class 4 Softswitch is a software based solution that revolutionized the telecom carrier industry by moving major communication jobs such as managing call signaling, voice, data, and multimedia transmission, and several other jobs with a software system. It also added different value added features that empowered the wholesale VoIP business. Moreover, the invention of hosting this platform over cloud platforms made it possible to deliver cloud native services, which are more advanced, reliable, and cost effective.  

The main function of this software is to provide long distance call routing services to telecom service providers. As the main job of it is call routing, to make a diverse and consolidated business model, the VoIP software development companies added outstanding call routing strategies to this VoIP software. 

This VoIP switch has been proven to be a groundbreaking technology that has so many value added features other than simple call routing to the long distance destinations, which was the original function of it.

2. What Makes Class 4 Softswitch Stand Out?

The original function of the class 4 Softswitch solution was to provide call routing and data transmission services from source to destination. In general, these destinations were international destinations and this technology could succeed to reduce the cost per call for long distance calls, which made it more attractive to customers.  

In addition to providing cheap international calling services, this switch was also vital to complete the VoIP network by connecting one class 5 Softswitch solution with another so the retail service provider could deliver seamless communication services to its retail customers. Several other businesses are dependent on this switch such as DID (Direct Inward Dial) numbers, calling cards, etc.  

This exceptional role of class 4 Softswitch software made it a standout technology since its inception. With the innovation in this technology, more features have started getting introduced to make it an even more popular solution among service providers and consumers.  

The modern day class 4 switch solutions have several amazing features such as: 

  • Security provisioning 
  • Topology hiding 
  • WLR customer support 
  • Protocol conversion 
  • VoIP billing  
  • Failover and load balancing
  • Blacklist 
  • Whitelist  
  • LNP, MNP, and fax routing  
  • And more 

These amazing features and continuous inventions in this space are making this switch stand out in this industry. Moreover, development companies have been offering intuitive user interfaces, which make this system easy to adopt and use, which is another unique offering that was not available earlier. 

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The modern day class 4 Softswitch solutions also have some added features in terms of scalability and robust offerings. A single frame of this Softswitch solution can handle several communication channels, which vary from 500 to 50,000. These solutions further support real time monitoring and administration of calls and other data in real time. Moreover, it can effectively interoperate with different protocols and signals.  

All these aspects make this software more reliable and stand out in this industry. 

3. What Are The Major Applications of a Wholesale Softswitch?

what are the major applications of a wholesale softswitch

A feature rich wholesale Softswitch solution has multiple applications to offer. Let’s explore the highly popular applications of this software. 

Wholesale Call Traffic Routing and Data Transmission 

The traditional and still so popular application of this software is call routing and data transmission. However, the innovations in this industry and the modernization of this software have come up with advanced call routing strategies such as: 

  • Prefix based routing 
  • CLI and Non-CLI routing 
  • Lossless routing  
  • Least call routing (LCR) 
  • Priority based routing 
  • Hybrid call routing 
  • Percentage routing 
  • And more 

LCR is a traditionally available routing strategy. With the advancements in technology, multiple other call routing strategies are invented. These strategies have modernized the telecom industry and the application of this software, too. Conventionally, this VoIP Softswitch solution had the only application to offer cheap calling services over the long distance. However, along with cheap calling services, there are several other applications of this software are added to the offering bouquet of software. 

Internetwork Operational Abilities   

Along with the call routing and data transmission features this software has several other applications such as providing cross platform operations by offering protocol conversion, codec transcoding, and several other features. This ensures that telecom operators and carriers can work with different networks to provide exceptional services.  

Smart Billing and Secure Payment Processing  

Billing is directly connected with ROI and therefore, it is necessary to make billing flawless in any business. The class 4 Softswitch software provided by the top VoIP solution providers will have an integrated VoIP billing solution.  This billing system is highly flexible and feature rich. This adds an added application to this software. 

The billing system provides a rate card facility, which lets wholesale VoIP service providers develop diversified rate cards to make offerings more attractive. Moreover, modern billing and invoicing solutions have real time billing options. This ensures that the customer with a negative balance cannot continue to talk on the phone line. Unlike a traditional billing system, which could bill a customer once the call is hung up in the case of prepaid calling, the modern and advanced VoIP billing solution provides real time billing. That means every second the prepaid customers will be billed. This ensures the wholesale providers will always be running a profitable business.  

Security features of this software are also high, which makes operations and payment processing secure. It will also have features like encryption, fraud detection and management, etc. 

4. How Does Wholesale Softswitch Contribute to Building a Successful Business?

A wholesale Softswitch solution helps in building a successful business to offer wholesale VoIP services. You can set up this software over any server or cloud platform as it is highly flexible. Additionally, its user-friendly interface simplifies the management of the entire VoIP business.

Different call routing rules can be used by wholesale service providers to define different business based rate cards. Customers can choose these rate cards depending on their business requirements to send their wholesale traffic. These rate cards will be aligned with the billing system. Thus, this system will not need businesses to map these rate cards manually. 

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The class 4 Softswitch solutions will automate billing and invoicing to streamline operations and keep wholesale service providers unoccupied so they can put all attention on increasing profitability and business expansion. 

These solutions are scalable and can support thousands of calls per second. The software will help in continuing growing the business without facing any failover. The best software can support high availability service level agreements.  

Additionally, this software is highly customizable. Thus, businesses can get it customized based on their requirements and needs. The customization of the software can be white labeling of the software to run a branded business or it can be the addition of new features to stand out in the wholesale VoIP business and gain a competitive edge.  

Concluding Notes

The VoIP industry is an ever-growing industry and it has been facing a surge in use and popularity in the past decade. From a simple end user to a huge telecom carrier, everyone has an interest in leveraging the advantages of VoIP-based communication. The VoIP based Softswitch solutions are major components of the telecommunication industry running over the internet.  

The Softswitch solutions are responsible for offering transmission of voice, video, data, and multimedia over the internet lines and making it possible for end users to enjoy using cheap calling services from the providers. 

Over time, there are several inventions and innovations made in the VoIP industry as well as in the wholesale VoIP business. 

The wholesale Softswitch solutions are way more advanced in terms of handling VoIP call traffic. Moreover, businesses can achieve several other features using this software. This software is highly easy to set up and use. It also provides an option to integrate other VoIP solutions or business tools with this software, so the VoIP service providers can use a turnkey solution to run a thriving wholesale VoIP business. 

In a nutshell

This Softswitch solution for wholesale VoIP business is highly in demand to meet end to end needs of telecom carriers. Thus, businesses can use this software to run a strategic business that continues increasing revenue generation. 

We have been offering smart VoIP solutions and smart telephony platforms to telecom carriers and other VoIP businesses. The wholesale switch with a comprehensive billing system is one of the top offerings that has empowered several wholesale VoIP businesses. Moreover, we also provide the required customization to this Softswitch solution, so you can leverage the advantage of a tailored wholesale switch. This switch is available as an open source and enterprise solution. The enterprise solution has added advantages compared to the open source version. To learn more about our class 4 Softswitch and to book a free demo of this software, get in touch with us NOW!