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Role of Open Source VoIP Billing Software in Managing Business Phone System

  • May 29, 2023

A VoIP billing solution augments a very crucial part of the business, which is billing customers. The advanced system can even bill resellers to aid VoIP service providers in persistently increasing revenue generation. The manual process of billing in any VoIP business is highly sluggish and can be ineffective and inefficient. Thus, all business owners in this industry use a feature-rich third-party or open source VoIP billing software. 

A business phone system and communication service are one of the widespread businesses in the SIP-based communication and collaboration industry, which is run using either a Multi Tenant IP PBX solution or a class 5 Softswitch solution. The business phone system also needs to use a billing system. Many businesses prefer to use the best VoIP billing software and as the open-source VoIP billing solution has added advantages to offer, a majority of businesses prefer to use it. 

Role of an open source VoIP Billing System in Managing the Business Phone System 

There are still many business owners in this industry that do not consider the importance of a billing system compared to the primary solution such as a class 5 Softswitch solution to run a business phone system and communication business. However, the role of a VoIP invoicing and bill payment software solution is as important as a primary system. 

Let’s understand the major areas that are influenced and augmented by this business with an open source VoIP billing solution.


Quick to Start 

Unlike a third party VoIP billing solution, which requires you to discuss several terms and conditions with a VoIP development company that offers that solution, you will not need to discuss anything with anyone if you want to use an open source solution. You can simply download it from the official website of that open source billing system and install it to get started. 

Open source solutions are universally compatible, eliminating the need to verify compatibility with your business phone system. Moreover, all upgrades based on version releases can be used without any delays. This gives access to the best VoIP billing software at any given point in time to enjoy the excellent benefits of this powerful software. 

Automate Billing Process 

All VoIP billing solutions available as an open source solution have already implemented automation in all major jobs related to billing. This not only saves resources but also eliminates potential errors in customer management and billing processes.

A business phone system that uses a multi tenant IP PBX solution to run a business often uses different rate cards. In addition to fixed features, the system also provides add-ons to offer to make more money. Accounting for each user is complex, involving fixed costs and variable expenses such as call minutes, extensions, SIP lines, and DID numbers. To ensure accuracy and the speed of sending invoices on time, automation in the process is a must, which can be availed of using the best open source VoIP billing software. It will also keep your manpower available to handle more customers and leads to boost the ROI model. 

Insightful Data for Business Strategy Development 

An open source VoIP billing system does not just help in automating the billing processes. It also helps in managing customer data, reseller data, subscription models, rate cards, and other details. Furthermore, it generates valuable and insightful reports along with offering call detail reports. The owner of the business phone system can customize the code to generate custom reports, which is available for free with an open source solution.

These reports give an in-depth insight into data related to different business KPIs. You can evaluate which packages work better, which features are popular, which add-ons can do better, and more. All this information can be used to enhance the business strategy. You can improve existing packages, or you can design more offers to increase revenue generating opportunities. 

Boost ROI 

The major advantage of using an open source billing system is that it provides excellent savings on funds. Automation will help you reutilize your resources for other jobs and give a boost to productivity. The open source solutions are available for free, which augments the whole profit model even further. Efficient and accurate billing helps in enhancing customer retention rates. Moreover, it creates additional lead generation and sales opportunities, ultimately boosting your (ROI).

Scalable Enough to Support the Speed of Growth 

VoIP billing solutions that are available as an open source platform is developed by multiple skilled VoIP developers and intelligent brains. These professionals understand the significance of scalability in the rapidly expanding VoIP business. Thus, this type of solution gets built with a highly scalable architecture. For example, ASTPP is the #1 open source VoIP billing platform that is developed using FreeSWITCH technology. FreeSWITCH’s modular architecture makes it highly scalable compared to other frameworks in VoIP technologies.

The VoIP invoicing and bill payment software that is developed using FreeSWITCH or similar architecture would be highly scalable. This ensures a stable platform for billing and invoicing that is always ready to support your business growth. 

Concluding Notes 

In summary, an open source system for billing, invoicing, and payment processing is vital in the business phone system and communication industry. It simplifies management and streamlines crucial and complex tasks.

We, ASTPP, have the #1 open source VoIP billing platform to offer, which can be downloaded from our website, here. We provide paid support and consultation service to business phone system providers that lack the time or technical expertise to use the open source VoIP billing software. To explore more about our services, contact us NOW!