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What are the major challenges that IP PBX Solution resolves?

  • June 3, 2021

Enterprises to small businesses, each company faces some challenges. The VoIP solutions help in resolving those challenges. In this article, we are going to talk about how an IP PBX solution helps businesses to overcome major communication and collaboration related challenges.

What is an IP PBX solution?

It is a VoIP solution that is built to provide rich features to empower communication and collaboration in businesses. It also supports cheap calling as it uses SIP based calling.

Major challenges businesses face and IP PBX helps in resolving 

1. Poor customer service

The companies usually use traditional telephony or a mobile phone. In both cases, a single line can assist one customer at a time. Therefore, businesses either need to distribute multiple numbers, or customers need to wait for their turn if an executive is already on another call. Also, this increases some challenges related to connecting with the right executive and getting round the clock assistance.


IP PBX solution resolves this challenge as it supports multiple concurrent calls on a single line. Moreover, it also offers an IVR, time based routing, and multiple other features that can help customers get a response anytime from anywhere as well as getting connected with the right executive.

2. Privacy concerns

If a business chooses to let its customer care, sales, and other team members distribute their numbers to customers, there is no way to make sure the employees will not leak the information of customers knowingly or unknowingly. This is the biggest concern in a business. The same applies when a business uses a traditional phone line.


IP PBX solution offers some features that can assure privacy such as call recording and call logs. The admin can listen to the call recording files and also check CDR (Call Detail Reports) to assure customer information is safe.

3. Assuring fair usage of telecommunication resources is challenging 

With the traditional communication and collaboration solutions, it is not possible for a company to assure that all calls made by executives are related to work. Even all internal communications are work oriented or cannot be tracked.


The IP PBX solution can record internal calls as well. Moreover, the CDR will show call duration and other details of each and every call. This will help companies assure the fair usage of telecommunication resources.

4. Work life balance of employees cannot be managed

This happens when a company distributes individual numbers of the team to let customers reach out to them. This can disturb the work life balance of the team.


The IP PBX solution offers time based call routing to an IVR, to a personal number, to an office department, etc. This makes sure that the customers are served seamlessly and employees can also enjoy a work life balance.

ASTPP has a multi tenant IP PBX solution as an enterprise add-on to offer. It has an amazing range of features. It can help businesses overcome all major challenges related to communication. If you are interested in knowing more about this add-on, contact us.