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Class 4 Softswitch: Redefining Advantages of Signaling for Wholesale VoIP Business

  • December 29, 2023

Demand for VoIP based communication is increasing rapidly due to its rich communication features. Moreover, cheap calling options even for long distance calls are winning consumers. According to the Market Research Future’s statistics result, the VoIP industry will reach a market size of US $ 58.21 billion. Moreover, this industry will register a market growth of 12.20% CAGR. This number is definitely big. Therefore, it will bring a big responsibility to the VoIP industry to manage this growing VoIP call traffic. Certainly, a class 4 Softswitch solution is a powerful tool that can contribute majorly.

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This solution is also popular as a wholesale Softswitch solution or a signaling server. Undoubtedly, it does a complicated job of creating a VoIP network, which interconnects multiple devices, gateways, carriers, VoIP Softswitch solutions, and similar devices and tools. This network makes it possible to transmit signals along with voice and data packets. Indeed, this network completes the whole SIP telephony ecosystem. As a result, wholesale VoIP service providers and other VoIP service providers can fulfill customer requirements.

In this blog post, we will understand different aspects correlated to class 4 Softswitch software. Moreover, you will learn how this signaling engine is taking a front seat to empower the VoIP industry with its wide ranging benefits.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at this insightful subject matter.

1. Understanding Class 4 Softswitch

It is a VoIP software app developed by one of the VoIP custom software development companies. This solution will have an array of features to support long distance calling. The major feature of this software is to route VoIP calls and other forms of traffic such as data, multimedia, and more from source to destination. To perform this job, this software is connected to other devices like routers, gateways, termination points, etc. Moreover, it will also have connections with other VoIP Softswitch solutions on each end to receive and pass traffic.

This Softswitch cannot provide communication features. Therefore, at the end of the network, this software will pass the call traffic to the VoIP solution that can support communication features. For example, at the receiving end, a class 5 Softswitch is connected to receive traffic from the wholesale switch and connect with the designated client. Moreover, the class 5 switch will also provide rich communication features.

2. Understanding the Working Model of Class 4 Softswitch

class 4 softswitch solutions

Different Names of Class 4 Switch

A class 4 switch is known by different names because of the diversity of roles it has to play. Moreover, it manages multiple functions such as:

  • Signaling
  • VoIP traffic management
  • Call routing
  • Signal and data transmission
  • And more

Due to the variety of functions managed by this switch, it is referred to by different names. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the major functionalities that reward it with different names.

This VoIP solution is responsible for managing VoIP signals transmitted from one end to another. This signaling capacity makes the whole SIP telephony industry beat. In short, it manages the job of signal transmitting or signaling. Therefore, it is referred to as a signaling server or a class 4 signaling solution.

A wholesale Softswitch software solution is another name for this platform because it manages wholesale traffic. Certainly, this solution manages a massive number of calls in parallel. As the number is huge, it is referred to as wholesale traffic.

Working Model of Class 4 Switch

This Softswitch will reside at the central point of the VoIP network. At each end, it will have either another wholesale switch or a class 5 switch. Now, let’s understand how the whole functional model works with different features of this software.

  • A local residential switch will receive requests for long distance calling. Likewise, other VoIP solutions like an IP PBX solution, calling card solution, etc, receive international calling requests.
  • The long distance calling requests are passed to the wholesale switch.
  • Certainly, the wholesale switch will receive thousands of these requests every second. Moreover, it will also receive other signals from the receiving end. For example, along with call packets, the switch will receive details of codecs, protocols, and more.
  • Call routing: The next function of this Softswitch is to route calls to the recipient. The network is massively huge as it connects all parts of the world. Therefore, one wholesale switch might relate to another switch until the call traffic and signaling are possible to transmit to the designated recipient.
  • Transcoding and protocol conversion: Possibly, VoIP networks and infrastructure at the sending and receiving ends are different. In this case, the class 4 Softswitch solution will receive signals from the recipient to make a connection. Additionally, the software will perform transcoding to establish a signal for successful routing if the codecs of the receiver and sender are different. Moreover, it will also perform protocol conversion to convert protocols and make signal transmitting and wholesale call routing seamless.

The modern Softswitch solutions also provide value added features. For example, these solutions will have security features. These security features will make the whole process protected and consolidated from external attacks and threats. Moreover, this solution will have load balancing features to balance increased call traffic without any kind of disruption or failure. In short, this system will have several features depending on the model you choose to keep the wholesale calling process cheap, reliable, and cost effective.

3. Major Benefits of this Signaling Engine

class 4 softswitch development

There are several benefits of using a wholesale Softswitch solution for managing wholesale call traffic. Let’s take a look at the major benefits this signaling engine has to offer.

3.1. Intelligent Call Routing

Fundamentally, the class 4 solution played a single job and that is call routing. Traditionally, this solution is used to support only Least Cost Routing (LCR). As a result, cheap international calling services were made available. However, over time, businesses joined this user base. Moreover, they expected different types of routing. In addition to that, different technologies such as Artificial Intelligence paved the way to make its routing feature more diverse.

As a result, the most advanced class 4 signaling engine offers multiple intelligent call routing features. Certainly, the selection of the right routing strategy is dependent on the customer’s preference and budget.

3.2. Excellent Network Management

As the clientele gets diverse, added features also make their way to this signaling solution. A wholesale Softswitch software solution comes with in-built network monitoring and management features. As a result, carriers can ensure highly efficient, enterprise-grade, and secure VoIP service offerings to their customers.

In addition, network management and monitoring also make the whole system more secure. It can detect any unusual activities. Moreover, it can block suspicious users or carriers. As a result, security threats are managed more effectively with this benefit.

Furthermore, network management functionality assures excellent load balancing, failover, and recovery features. As a result, the wholesale provider will offer high availability of the platform. Additionally, the provider will provide excellent quality of call and service.

3.3 Carrier Grade VoIP Services

Quality of service is essential to win and retain clients in any industry. Especially in the VoIP industry, it is pretty evident that businesses pay for the quality of service and call. The role of the class 4 signaling engine is crucial here. It is built with integrated features that help business VoIP providers to offer exceptional quality of service. Moreover, its powerful features ensure carrier-grade VoIP services for clients.

Top VoIP Softswitch providers build more robust and powerful wholesale Softswitch solutions. These solutions are renowned for offering dependable and efficient QoS and QoC for each international VoIP wholesale provider that uses this software.

3.4 Bypass Firewall and Simplify Calling

A class 4 solution can act as a SIP proxy server when used as a signaling engine. Moreover, it offers SIP proxy support and some added features. As a result, it can bypass a firewall when needed. The signaling engine of this switch uses a proxy server to allow SIP telephony packets to traverse through the firewall of the network. As a result, network and service providers can achieve direct calling features. A class 4 solution comes with an inbuilt security mechanism. Therefore, there is nothing to worry for the security of the network. This switch will manage it completely.

In addition to bypassing the firewall, the SIP proxy provides an address translation facility.  This feature simplifies calling within the network. Therefore, the whole process of calling within the network becomes more seamless, fast, and delightful.

3.5 Superior Security

Security is often a major concern in the VoIP network. Moreover, in the wholesale VoIP business, there are multiple driving factors that make security tools more essential. However, there is nothing to worry about.

The class 4 signaling solution uses SIP topology hiding. This is an outstanding feature for adding an added layer of security. Generally, hackers and attackers attack networks directly when they get access to the IP addresses. These IP addresses are commonly found in the SIP traffic. However, the SIP hiding feature ensures that hackers cannot access SIP details. As a result, the probability of attacks is reduced dramatically. Therefore, the wholesale VoIP business has become much more secure than ever before.

If you have an interest in building a successful carrier business in the VoIP industry, then you must read our blog post. This blog post covers the role of a class 4 solution to build a thriving carrier business in the VoIP telephony industry.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Major Features of a Class 4 Softswitch Solution?

This solution can have different features depending on the provider. Moreover, you can invest in custom development. This gives an option to build a customized solution. Key features that all wholesale Softswitch solutions must have been listed hereunder:

  • Multiple call routing strategies
  • Call monitoring feature
  • Session Border Controller (SBC)
  • Protocol conversion
  • Transcoding
  • Billing and invoicing

What are Must Have Characteristics of a Class 4 Switch?

Different wholesale VoIP Softswitch solutions will offer a varied range of functionalities. Definitely, you need to focus on features. However, you must also focus on the characteristics that can make your business more thriving. For example, flexibility, portability, scalability, security, and robust nature are must have characteristics in this solution.

Concluding Note

Over time, the role of the class 4 Softswitch software has evolved. Unlike traditional times, it manages multiple jobs to make communication more seamless, affordable, and feature rich. Certainly, this solution manages diverse roles. As a result, we get much more than just a wholesale call traffic management and routing solution.

One of the major roles of this software is as a powerful and robust signaling engine. This platform has outstanding features to empower VoIP providers. For example, intelligent call routing, network management, network monitoring, SIP proxy management, topology hiding, transcoding, protocol conversion, and more are popular features available in this software. Furthermore, it provides secure feature access to VoIP service providers.

In addition to that, the class 4 switch enhances the business model of the service providers. Moreover, they can offer better quality of service, excellent quality of calls, and high availability of the platform. As a result, the customer satisfaction rate will increase.

We offer the most powerful wholesale switch with a signaling engine and associated features. As a result, wholesale VoIP providers can excel in their segment. This solution has a wide range of features and components. Moreover, you will receive an automated VoIP billing and invoicing platform integrated with the class 4 solution. As a result, you can focus on business expansion while automation features of class 4 switch and VoIP billing streamline all operations.  To book a free demo of class 4 Softswitch solution and its free trial, contact us now!