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Cloud Telephony: Revolution in Enterprise Communication

  • January 5, 2021

Many businesses have been using cloud telephony using one or more VoIP solutions for many years. Earlier, only businesses considering its importance have been using it. However, the year 2020 made many businesses realize the worth of it.

Cloud telephony is a telecommunication solution operated through the internet; unlike traditional telephony, which is a completely wired system. Cloud telephony also offers an amazing range of never seen before communication and collaboration features, which are not possible to get with the traditional telecommunication system. Because of these characteristics of it, businesses have been using cloud telephony systems like class 4 Softswitch, fax server solution, multi tenant IP PBX system, etc. The groundbreaking features of cloud telephony solutions have brought a tidal wave of revolutionary changes in business communication.

The year 2020 affected many aspects of professional and personal lives. This brought another wave of revolution in enterprise communication. The use of reliable yet cost-effective and remote communication tools became necessary for many businesses. The cloud telephony solutions are the solutions businesses are seeking for.

It gives superior quality voice and video streams. Local and international calls are available at the cheapest possible rates with the best possible voice and video quality. Not only this, the communication features and tools can be accessed from any nook and corner of the world. For example, a mobile SIP dialer is a mobile app, which is available for both Apple and Android users. The team members of the businesses can enjoy all communication features made available by it solutions at their fingertips. It ensures continuous workflow even if team members don’t or cannot visit the office for weeks or months for whatsoever reason.

The cloud telephony system providers like ASTPP set up a highly scalable infrastructure of the system. Therefore, the enterprise communication keeps going on even when there is a high load.

For example, during the COVID 19 pandemic, many companies suffered due to long lockdowns in their countries. This had put many people in trouble who was seeking some help from their vendors. On the other hand, due to lockdowns, even vendors cannot reach the office. The increased load of calls can crash the system in a common scenario. For example, the traditional telephony system would always give a busy tone or not answering status, which increases the frustration of the customers. On the other hand, the cloud telephony solution can continuously attend and answer customer calls. Even if the call load is higher, the highly scalable solution ensures 99.99% of uptime.

The cloud telephony software solutions also offer automation features. This ensures that even in scarcity of staff, customer or prospective client calls are attended. For example, IVRS can respond to customers round the clock with the same energy in the voice. A ring group feature of multi tenant IP PBX solution ensures any one of the employees attends the customer call.

In a nutshell, the cloud telephony solution offers an amazing and reliable communication tool to enterprises. The COVID 19 enforced businesses to understand the worth of it. This has brought a revolutionary change.

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