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Top Benefits of Having a Highly Scalable VoIP Solution in the VoIP Industry

  • December 29, 2020

Not only VoIP solutions, but any other software, website, or web app has to be scalable and secure. We, being a smart VoIP telephony platform, will use the context of VoIP solutions along with VoIP and telecommunication industries. But, the facts explained in this article are true and can be applied to any and all industries.

Scalable solutions can have a different definition, but the most relevant definitions are:

A VoIP solution, which can be scaled up as and when needed and vice versa. Some VoIP experts also refer as a clustered setup of the smart VoIP telephony platform or any other VoIP solution such as multi tenant IP PBX solution as a highly scalable solution. The clustered VoIP solution supports load balancing as well as it can keep running even during failover, which holds the meaning of a highly scalable system at a certain point. Both of these definitions are precise.

There are many benefits of using a highly scalable VoIP solution for multiple reasons. Let us share the

Top three advantages of highly scalable VoIP solution

1. Support business growth

All businesses strive to grow. The growth increases work, load, customers, employees, etc. A majority of VoIP solutions are used to provide communication and collaboration services to the end-users or businesses. This industry can have rapid growth. If the business does not have a highly scalable VoIP solution, then it can become a roadblock for a growing business. The business will not be able to take new accounts until the arrangements are made, which may take weeks or months if the system is not highly scalable. This may result in business loss. Therefore, to support a growing business, highly scalable VoIP software is mandatory.

2. Handle seasonal peaks

As mentioned earlier, a majority of VoIP solutions offer communication and collaboration services or solutions. Therefore, seasonal peaks are normal. For example, during the holiday season, people call more to families or businesses handle more customer care requests due to an increase in business and traffic. The VoIP software needs to support this spike in business without hampering the call quality or without failing the system. For example, class 4 Softswitch may need to route more international calls. As it is a wholesale VoIP Softswitch, the number increases in thousands or millions. If the class 4 Softswitch is not highly scalable, then the company cannot handle the increased businesses, which clearly results in loss of opportunities.

3. Reduce overheads to increase ROI

Growth and downfall are two sides of a coin in any business. The year 2020 has proved how unpredictable things can go by hitting many businesses really hard. This is not it! There can be other inside or outside factors, which may hamper the business. If not consider the worst, let’s consider a standard scenario, once the holiday season or peak time passes, the business goes back to normal with less load and possibly less business. Keeping the same servers and other hardware would be nothing more than overheads. The highly scalable solution can also let you scale down to reduce overheads and keep receiving better ROI.

In a nutshell, to support all stages of business, a highly scalable VoIP solution is necessary. Want to know more? Interested in using highly scalable smart VoIP software? Contact us.