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Cloud VoIP Switch and Its Major Advantages

  • February 17, 2023

A VoIP switch is one that operates using voice over internet protocol and works as a central piece of the telecommunication network. Depending on the service to be provided or the VoIP market to be catered to, the VoIP switch is segmented. For example, a class 4 Softswitch is a VoIP switch that is used to cater to wholesale VoIP service providers and to offer wholesale VoIP traffic transmission services. On the other hand, the class 5 Softswitch is used to serve retail customers to help them offer end to end VoIP calling services. The cloud VoIP switch can be either a class 4 or class 5 Softswitch solution that meets the certain needs of the VoIP businesses. It can also be a hybrid switch that contains features of both retail and wholesale Softswitch within a single system. 

In this blog post, we will explore details about the cloud based VoIP switch regardless of its features, audience, or users. This will give more detail about the trending topic in the VoIP industry. 

What is a cloud VoIP Softswitch? 

This type of VoIP Softswitch is installed on the cloud based platforms as the usage of cloud based platforms is high and quite in demand nowadays. This switch will have the same features as a class 5 or class 4 Softswitch solution, but it will have several benefits to offer because of cloud hosting. 

What are the major benefits of using a cloud VoIP switch? 

Using VoIP Softswitch solutions have their own advantages, but when these switches are hosted on cloud platforms, they get double beneficial as it combines the advantages of VoIP and cloud in a single system. Let’s explore the top 4 benefits of using this trending VoIP solution built by the top VoIP software development company.

1. Reduced expenses

The first and foremost advantage of using the stated solution is that it will reduce the expenses of the company using this platform. It saves upfront costs of the provider by saving a huge amount on physical servers, office, technical staff, and more that is required to host and install a switch on on-premise servers instead of the cloud. Moreover, it eliminates hardware completely, which is why it makes a more cost effective solution for service providers as they will not need to worry about the maintenance of hardware.

2. Remote management

The cloud based VoIP switch can be accessed remotely and in that also in a completely secure manner. Not only administrators, but users can also use this software from remote locations. This makes it a perfect switch when a company or provider prefers to work from the home model for their team. It also helps in enhancing work performance and productivity as the team can take the required actions to provide excellent customer services by accessing this VoIP switch from anywhere, at any time. They do not have to wait to reach the office and provide the service demanded by customers.

3. Exceptional scalability

Cloud VoIP Switch is Highly Scalable

One of the major advantages of using any cloud based solution in the VoIP industry is scalability. In a business, which involves hundreds and thousands of clients, it is necessary to use a scalable solution. The business dependent on retail or wholesale Softswitch will have a huge market and the potential to tap untapped opportunities. The growth of a business can be manifold and it is necessary to use infrastructure that is highly scalable. Cloud platforms have optimized storage space available at their fingertips. Thus, they provide exceptional scalability if your software is scalable. With the cloud based solution, you will not need to wait for weeks and months to scale up the solution. That can be done within some hours or days depending on your provider or team.

4. Maintenance

When you use any software, it is necessary to think about the maintenance of that system. If you use an on-premise system, you will have to maintain software, plus, hardware. You may also need to put technical experts to maintain the system and keep it up and running. However, when you use cloud VoIP Softswitch, you will not need to take much stress as maintenance is easy and inexpensive. Usually, all cloud platforms provide maintenance services of the cloud platform for free. If there is any error or concern with the platform, the technical team of that platform will make the required changes and handle the issue. The software maintenance would be quick and affordable and you can also take help from your VoIP Softswitch provider. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, cloud based solutions have plenty of added advantages to offer to businesses that use them. From high availability of the system to simplified access, better performance, high scalability, excellent customer support, reduced expenses, and several other advantages are available for the users of cloud VoIP switch.

We provide the best VoIP Softswitch solution that can be hosted on any public or private cloud. We can provide further details on how you can gain an advantage. For more details, contact us.