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How Does a Smart Telephony Platform Improve Productivity?

  • February 14, 2023

The business communication system is one of the certain factors that drive various aspects of businesses, including, but not limited to, team productivity. It may surprise you, but the fact is if you are still using POTS (Plain Old Telephone System), then you are likely to face barriers in improving the productivity of your team. Adoption of smart telephony platforms for your business can bring in several advantages and boosted productivity is one of them. 

Often the use of VoIP based telephony solutions like a smart telephony solution is considered essential because of the cost benefits it offers. The cost per call with SIP to SIP calling using any VoIP solution is cheaper. This has become the leading reason to use this software. However, this is not the only major advantage of a VoIP based business phone system. Productivity improvement is one of the major yields of deploying this system to manage business communication. Let’s see how. 

To give you a complete insight into this subject matter, we will cover the following points in this blog post: 

  1. What is a smart telephony platform? 
  2. What are the major advantages of a smart VoIP solution? 
  3. How does a smart telephony platform improve productivity? 
  4. Concluding notes 

So let’s delve deeper to explore more details about this exciting topic. 

1. What is a smart telephony platform? 

It is a comprehensive communication and collaboration platform for businesses. A smart telephony system can be a single VoIP solution such as an IP PBX solution, which can be used by a business to meet specific business communication needs. On the other hand, smart telephony platforms are an all-inclusive platform that consists of multiple VoIP based communication and collaboration solutions for businesses such as: 

  • IP PBX solution
  • VoIP calling card solution
  • Virtual number management solution
  • SIP trunking solution
  • Virtual fax solution
  • VoIP routing and billing solution
  • Fraud detection and management software
  • And more 

Businesses can use all of these systems to uplift the standards of business communication or they can add as many VoIP systems as a business needs. Whether a business uses a single VoIP solution or multiple, each of these systems can benefit a business with its array of advantages. 

Elevate Your Productivity with a Smart Telephony Platform .

2. What are the major advantages of a smart VoIP solution? 

There are several advantages of using this solution in this business: 

  • Crystal voice quality 
  • High definition video quality 
  • Better reach 
  • Increased accessibility 
  • Lower costs 
  • Access to communication features from remote locations 
  • Multitasking capabilities 
  • Excellent flexibility 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Increased revenue 
  • Increased ROI 
  • And more 

 3. How does a smart telephony platform improve productivity? 

Improves The Productivity Using Smart Telephony Platform

As mentioned in the second section, there are several advantages of using a smart VoIP solution. One of the major advantages of using this platform in any business is increased productivity. Let’s see how it improves the productivity of the team for any business. 

Extensive range of communication features 

A conventional telephony system will have limited features to offer. Adding added features would also increase the cost and efforts related to maintenance. Unlike that, when you use any smart communication system built by a VoIP development company will have an extensive range of communication and collaboration features. These features can help in enhancing business communication for internal, as well as, client communication. 

Depending on the type of communication solution, the VoIP system can have different features to offer to meet a specific business need. For example, a VoIP fax solution can be used to send and receive fax messages via an email or web client. This makes faxing a pleasant experience and efficient. Likewise, a business phone system offers features like voicemail, call forwarding, call transfer, etc. All of this helps in increasing the effectiveness of business communication. This also helps in boosting productivity as there are several advanced communication features, which bridge the communication gap and help in making decisions faster. 

Provide remote communication and collaboration features 

The smart telephony system is a web based solution and can also be hosted on the cloud. This makes it remotely accessible for the business team. Moreover, there are several business communication tools available that can be integrated with this software. For example, a SIP Softphone can be used with a virtual number management solution or a VoIP calling card solution, which makes it easier for business users to access all features of the VoIP based business communication system without any need to use a physical device or visit an office. This also removes delays in conducting meetings or having rich communication. 

Improved work performance and efficiency 

Excellent and reliable means of communication not only helps in having quick discussions and detailed requirement calls but also helps in boosting performance and efficiency. Team members don’t need to wait to gather in a physical office or cubicle to discuss any issue or product roadmap. Everything can be discussed remotely and instantly. This would also not increase the telecommunication overheads of businesses. All this helps in boosting the performance of the team and efficiency. 

Monitor calls for productivity 

Unfair usage of resources is not uncommon in any industry. Some team members may have unnecessary or longer conversations using business communication tools. The smart telephony solution has an effective feature to benefit here as well to directly contribute to boosted productivity. All conversations and calls can get recorded and logged. That means supervisors will have access to all conversations carried out by business executives. They can keep an eye on the quality of calls, as well as, the productive and fair usage of resources. There are several other features available in this software that are built to help businesses ensure that the team uses the software for productive application only. 

Automate several operations 

A majority of VoIP solutions automate repetitive and tedious jobs. For example, a VoIP routing and billing solution automates attending and routing calls to the right executive in a business. Likewise, this software automates billing and invoicing jobs for a business. There are several other business tasks that can be automated using VoIP based smart communication solutions. Automation helps in enhancing operations and saving manual resources, so their productivity can be boosted.   

Improve customer experience 

This software also helps in boosting customer experience. Team members can exchange instant messages or provide reliable post-sales customer services to customers using these smart platforms. Moreover, these platforms can give them product walkthroughs, free video consultations, verify KYC details, and take other actions without any delay or hiccups. Owning your own communication platform for business can help in boosting customer experience as it is also secure. Moreover, these solutions are web based and that is why they don’t need to download any additional software or plug-in to use this platform. 

Single window, multiple communication solutions 

As mentioned earlier, this software is not just a single communication system, but it consists of multiple communication and collaboration solutions. All of these systems can be managed within a single system. That saves a lot of time that otherwise gets spent in multiple communication and collaboration systems. It would also not waste time otherwise get spent juggling across multiple business communication systems. Within a single platform, all systems are available and that work in harmony. This not only improves communication efficiency, but also helps in enhancing productivity by saving time. 

Fraud detection 

The businesses can face major fraud attempts, which would waste the time of team members. Companies can protect teams from wasting time by using a VoIP based fraud detection and management software solution. It will automatically monitor the system for fraud attempts and in case of suspicious activities. It will restrict the system access or even suspend the user. This can help in managing system security and saving time of the team otherwise spent on imposters. It will also save the time for admin or technical expert monitoring systems and infrastructure for security. 

Concluding notes 

In conclusion, smart telephony platforms are designed and developed to save time from manual resources, so they can work more productively. There are multiple automation features, efficiency booster functionality, unrestricted communication tools, and more, which can empower a business to uplift its team productivity. 

These systems also eliminate one of the major roadblocks of the business, which is ensuring fair usage of the system even when nobody is supervising. This can be achieved by giving intimation to the team that their activities are logged and can be screened for quality purposes. This helps in ensuring fair usage of telephony resources, plus, more productive hours in a business. 

VoIP systems can directly and indirectly help in increasing productivity. If you are still confused about how it can be possible, then we can help you demonstrate it with our team. We have the #1 smart telephony platform based on FreeSWITCH that helps businesses leverage multiple advantages, including, but not limited to boosting the productivity of the team. This platform has been empowering 12000+ businesses and yours can be the next one. To know more about it and ask all your questions, contact us.