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Convert Your On-Premise PBX to the Cloud

  • February 8, 2022

The trends of cloud based solutions have been increasing in the past few years due to higher security and benefits. Thus, many VoIP service providers have started shifting their on-premise VoIP solutions to cloud systems. To switch from an on-premise system to a cloud one, you must have a proper plan. In this article, we will share a quick guide to convert your on-premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system to a cloud based VoIP IP PBX system.

Understanding On-Premise PBX: A Concise Explanation

An on-premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone system that is physically located on the business’s premises. The PBX hardware and software are installed at the company’s office, and employees use phones that are directly connected to this system. The business owns and maintains the on-premise PBX, which means they are responsible for its management, including maintenance and upgrades. This approach allows for more control over the telephone system, as the business can customize it to meet their specific needs. However, it also requires the business to allocate resources for the upkeep and updates of the PBX hardware and software, which can be costly and time-consuming. On-premise PBX systems are often chosen by businesses that have specific requirements or prefer to have full control over their telephone infrastructure.

Steps to Convert to Cloud PBX

1. Check the flexibility of the solution

If you already have an on-premise private branch exchange solution, the first thing you need to check is whether your software is compatible with the cloud hosting or not. Usually, all on premise private branch exchange solutions can be hosted on the cloud, but still, you have to check the flexibility and compatibility of the platform.

2. Find the right cloud platform

In this process of converting an on-premise system to a cloud one, you need to find the right cloud platform. The FreeSWITCH multi tenant system may need a different cloud platform and space than a single tenant hosting. Depending on multiple factors, you need to choose the right cloud hosting provider.

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3. Define a backup plan

Data loss is common while switching from one system to another. To minimize data loss, it is necessary to have a well defined backup plan. With your business VoIP provider, you need to define the following aspects:

  • How to take a complete backup?
  • How to import a backup to a cloud system?
  • How to resolve discrepancies in records and errors?

4. Migrate the system

Once your plan and terms are designed and approved, time to migrate the system. The best option is to hire a reliable VoIP service provider that has experience in converting an on-premise PBX system to the cloud one. On the other hand, you need to define the following roles for the in-house team:

  • System administrator
  • System architecture designer and developer
  • Database expert
  • IT manager
  • Cloud computing expert

5. Train staff

Usually, cloud based single tenant and multi tenant platforms can be used in the same way you were using it in on-site architecture. The only difference is the way of managing and maintaining this VoIP calling software. Still, to remove all doubts from your team members, once your multi tenant or single tenant hosting process finishes, you must give formal training to your staff.

Concluding notes

Moving to the cloud platform from your on-premises PBX system can be a beneficial move. You must take help from reliable and experienced PBX hosting providers or IP PBX providers. They will have more experience in seamlessly converting an on-site system to a cloud.

The plan of migration, disaster management, recovery, transition, training, etc. needs to be defined well in advance and have to be followed during different stages of transition.

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