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Grow Your Business with a Call Routing System

  • February 12, 2022

Growing businesses need the best talent and top tools that can help the growth of the company. There are multiple telephony products that have been benefiting businesses and supporting their growth. The call routing system can help any business grow rapidly.

What is a call routing system?

It is an effective way to handle incoming calls in a business. There can be a VoIP call routing aka distribution solution that offers different call routing strategies or a system like an omnichannel call center solution that offers integrated automatic call distribution features.

How does a call distribution system help you grow your business?

1. Time based call distribution for a professional business image

The best international call distribution tools like a VoIP IP PBX solution provide a time based call distribution feature. It not only helps in conveying the right message to the caller or connecting him with the right person, but it also helps in creating a better customer experience. It builds a stronger business brand as it directs customers based on the time conditions such as:

  • Working hours
  • Holidays
  • Off-working hours
  • And more

2. Connect customers with the right support agents

The call distribution in the CRM system routes customers with the agents that have the required skills to resolve concerns and issues. The 3rd party CRM integrated with the call distribution system helps in providing more details about customers to the agents. Moreover, the skill based call distribution helps businesses resolve customer concerns within the first call. This builds better customer loyalty and positions a business as a brand that everyone loves.

3. Reduced cost per call

The international call routing feature of the best telephony solutions helps in reducing the cost per communication. The DDI VoIP numbers use least cost routing (LCR) and similar features, which helps in reducing cost over international calls. Moreover, this software makes internal calling free with extension support. All this reduces expenses over business communication. The saved money can be used in business growth.

4. Never miss a lead

The IVR call routing will attend all calls automatically and create records of all calls. The missed calls can be contacted later to ensure no lead is missed. The automatic call distribution system will route the customer to the right department. If required, this system can also forward the call of a customer to the right agent. This way all sales inquiries and customer calls can be attended. This helps in a growing business.


Similar to other VoIP solutions provided by the top VoIP solution providers, the VoIP call routing system has amazing features. These systems can support growing businesses and contribute to their faster growth.

A business can position a better brand, which is loved by their customers using the best call distribution system or a VoIP solution with call distribution features.

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