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Market Analysis Of Class 4 Softswitch

  • July 20, 2023

The wholesale VoIP industry is one of the most popular and rapidly growing industry verticals. The modern class 4 Softswitch is one of the major driving factors that are pushing the wholesale VoIP market to the growing and profit making side. Being mindful of emerging trends in VoIP software is crucial due to the widespread availability of the open source class 4 Softswitch option, a thriving market, and various other factors.

Our blog post conducts comprehensive market research and analysis on wholesale Softswitch, offering valuable insights for those in the wholesale VoIP industry, newcomers, or anyone curious about the software, aiding them in making informed decisions and formulating effective strategies.

Detailed Insight Regarding Market Analysis Of Class 4 Softswitch

This blog post is very crucial to go through because it offers free access and provides to-the-point details, unlike a majority of paid market analysis reports. Make the right use of this information to reinforce your positioning strategy. 

1.  Class 4 Softswitch Solution and its Importance


The major market share of the VoIP Softswitch industry is captured by the wholesale Softswitch software because the network of the wholesale VoIP industry is huge and it is spread across the world. The service providers dealing in this industry cater to other service providers that include business phone service providers, retail VoIP service providers, call termination service providers, international calling service providers, and more.

As the wholesale VoIP industry deals with other service providers and not direct end users, many business owners consider that the market share might be lower than the retail VoIP users because that deals with thousands and millions of direct consumers. However, the fact is different. The reason is the wholesale VoIP industry indirectly serves all end users. It handles millions of customers across the globe and that is why the market share is much wider than any other segment of this industry vertical. 

Importance of class 4 Softswitch software is crucial in the SIP telephony industry

  • The importance of class 4 Softswitch software is crucial in the SIP telephony industry. It is the major and pivotal piece of the whole puzzle of the VoIP network and connected with other Demand class 4 and class 5  Softswitch solutions to build a complete network of the SIP telephony industry. It is also responsible for collecting voice calls, data, rich media files, and all other forms of VoIP traffic from different providers and traversing to the end point where it is destined to reach.
  • This is the most important job because if long distance call routing is not available, it would become difficult to offer the best benefit of using VoIP calling and that is cheap calling services. This is the reason, the importance of the wholesale Softswitch is way higher than any other system. Even if we say there is no alternative to this software in the industry, then there is nothing wrong with it. 

2.  Market Segmentation Criteria

The VoIP market is segmented based on different criteria. Following are the major criteria that are used by analysts to study and analyze the whole market of the class 4 Softswitch. We have also briefed how the software under discussion is segmented in each of these criteria. 

Type: The VoIP Softswitch solutions are segmented into three different types depending on the market it serves. As this switch caters to the wholesale market, it is referred to as a wholesale Softswitch solution. 

Organization size: In general, this switch can serve any scale business, but in the wholesale industry, even small scale businesses are huge. Thus, the major size of the organizations catered by this solution built by the top VoIP development company is an enterprise. 

End user industry: The end users catered to by this solution reside all across the globe and they are all enterprises dealing in telecom, internet, government, and similar industry verticals. Indirectly, this Softswitch caters to all different industry horizons. 

Market Size: As mentioned earlier, the market size of this solution is worldwide. Some of the major areas covered by this solution are Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa, and the Middle East. 

3. Top Growth Factors 

The VoIP industry itself is growing in leaps and bounds and all solutions developed for this industry are very much in demand. There are multiple growth factors that contribute to the growing market of class 4 Softswitch software. Let’s check the top 5 of them.

1 . Rising Demand for the Software

The whole VoIP industry is recording new records each passing day. The demand for VoIP based apps and communication is at its peak. VoIP calling is simple, cheap, and amazing. To meet this demand of end users, the carriers and VoIP service providers need the best wholesale Softswitch software. People living away from their families in other countries or wandering for business or recreational purposes need it to make international calling possible.

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2 . Requirement for Varied Call Routing Strategies

Traditionally, the sole purpose of using this software was to meet the need for cheap calling services over international destinations. This was covered by just one automated distribution strategy of this software, which is the Least Cost Routing (LCR). However, as VoIP applications are adopted by other forms of businesses and users, the demand and need for different types of routing strategies are increased. This has uplifted the market of a class 4 Softswitch solution that has different routing rules.

3 . Increased Awareness

VoIP based communication services are now at the peak in terms of popularity because awareness of voice over internet protocol has increased. Traditionally, people had a fear of security and similar concerns. But now, it is accepted that it is secure to use this technology. Big players like WhatsApp, Meta, Google, etc. have introduced free calling using VoIP. All this has uplifted the market of the wholesale Softswitch solution for obvious reasons. Without this software, it is not possible to provide flawless long distance calling services.

4 . Support From Legislation

A majority of countries have now made it legal to use VoIP based communication. In fact, some countries have introduced subsidies and friendly rules to increase the adoption of VoIP based communication. This has given wings to the wholesale service providers because now it is in their favor. Additionally, the government has also covered the interest of customers by introducing some rules that ensure that the services offered by any VoIP provider are secure and reliable.

5 . Growing Innovations

Innovations drive the growing wholesale Softswitch market. It offers diverse call routing strategies beyond LCR, including priority-based, prefix-based, CLI and Non-CLI routing, cost-based routing, and hybrid routing. The VoIP industry is also enticing with omnichannel solutions, multi-tenant platforms, and comprehensive software. Furthermore, advancements like 5G, IoT, and smart devices further uplift the wholesale switch market.

4. Key Players in the Wholesale VoIP Softswitch Market


Having gained extensive knowledge about class 4 Softswitch software, you’re likely keen on discovering the industry’s leading players who provide top-notch solutions for wholesale VoIP and newcomers alike.

The list of key players is as follows: 

  • ASTPP 
  • Alcatel-Lucent 
  • Ericsson Inc. 
  • Genband Inc. 
  • Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. 
  • Sonus Neworks Inc. 
  • Nokia Siemens Networks 
  • ZTE Corp. 
  • Metaswitch Networks 
  • Dialogic Inc. 
  • Cisco Systems Corp 
  • Italtel Inc. 

If we talk about the market of  s class 4 Softswitch open source olution, then it is led by none other than ASTPP. This company stands out as a leading open source solution provider, recognized as the premier source for an exceptional open source class 4 Softswitch on the robust community-developed platform.

Concluding Notes 

In a nutshell, the market of the class 4 switch is growing rapidly across the globe. Several players are contributing to the growth of this solution and covering a large segment of the VoIP industry. ASTPP is one of the leading providers of this switch because it has developed the most robust, scalable, and secure class 4 Softswitch. This switch is one of the few switch solutions developed in FreeSWITCH, which gives it a competitive edge. To learn more about it, please get in touch with us.