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The Future of Communication: Embracing a Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution

  • August 3, 2023

The world is rapidly moving towards digitization. Even consumers have accepted digital gadgets for their routine jobs. Communication is one of the most vital aspects of a business and digital transformation has become critical in this space. A multi tenant IP PBX solution has a very influential role to play in this segment and it, indeed, defines the future of communication for businesses. 

A feature-rich multi tenant IP PBX software system can revolutionize business communication and benefit various departments and tasks to be better. In this blog post, we will cover all important aspects that explain how your business can benefit by embracing the best multi tenant IP PBX system for your business. 

So let’s delve deeper to explore valuable insight on this subject matter. 

Embracing The Best Multi Tenant IP PBX System for Your Business

1.  Evolution of Communication Systems Over Time

Traditionally, businesses used to use PRI and PSTN based telephony solutions to connect with their business associates and clients. Physical meetings were also one way to meet clients and discuss business opportunities. However, both of these options were really expensive and often infeasible. It is also used to restrict businesses doing business within the local market to match competitive rates and still does business. 

With inventions in the industry, businesses started implementing physical servers with a private branch exchange of telephony lines and extensions. It was a cheaper and more reliable option compared to the traditional methods. However, it used a complete hardware based system. This again increased the pain related to managing a complete hardware based system and also overheads of management and maintenance of the system. 

Thanks to the Top VoIP development companies that leveraged the power of technologies like Asterisk and FreeSWITCH and invented the IP PBX solutions with single tenant and multi tenant options. It helps businesses succeed with flying colors by adding a more reliable communication system. 

2.  Defining a Multi Tenant IP PBX

An IP PBX system is a complete software based solution, which has different communication features. The features vary from provider to provider, but the advantages of using this system are limitless. This system is an augmented solution for a hardware based PBX, which was referred to as an EPABX system. 

A multi tenant IP PBX solution is an IP PBX with tenant support. In simple words, the admin user of this software can create subaccounts, which are referred to as a tenant. These tenants will be centrally controlled by the admin account for the use of features and other details. 

3.  Major Advantages of a Multi Tenant Solution

Top 4 Major Advantages of a Multi Tenant Solution

There are several advantages of using an IP PBX system with multi tenancy characteristics. Let’s explore the major ones. 

Augmented Communication and Collaboration

The IP PBX solutions are renowned for the wide range of features they offer to businesses and enterprises. It can be used as a remote communication solution, and it removes all hurdles related to physical meetings and traditional telephony. 

Cost Saver

It is capable of helping to cut overheads dramatically down. Unlike traditional telephony and physical meetings, it does not require one to pay high charges even for international calls. Moreover, it provides all advanced communication and collaboration features at a way cheaper rate compared to traditional telecommunication options. Furthermore, it uses a SIP calling mechanism, which reduces per call cost. Compared to EPBX and other business communication solutions, it is low maintenance and saves more money here as well. 

Unbelievable Scalability

A multi tenant IP PBX software system can be the best solution if you are interested in using a highly scalable telephony system for your business. This IP telephony solution can be hosted over cloud platforms or on-premises servers. Both options provide unbelievable scalability to businesses. It is also a very robust solution and can handle unlimited extensions, DID numbers, users, and even tenants. This makes it one of the best options to use to meet the modern world business communication needs. 

Excellent Security

Traditionally, businesses were fearful of using an IP based communication system due to the increased risk of interception and hacking attacks. However, the technology is now in the most advanced segment, and it provides excellent security. The software providers include end to end encryption, session border controller, firewall, fraud detection and management system, and multiple other solutions to consolidate security and make it a breeze to use the best IP based communication system for your business. 

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4. Importance of Choosing the Right Software Provider 

The benefits of using this multi tenant communication system for your business are abundant. However, you can gain maximum returns by using this system only if you choose the right provider. The best provider will offer the following services along with the software to meet your tailored business needs: 

  • Give you access to a feature rich solution that consists of all standard and advanced features to augment communication and collaboration 
  • Provide you with the best hosting solution, so you can enjoy high SLA (Service Level Agreement) of system uptime and excellent scalability 
  • Provide you the required customization in the software, so you can get access to all required features that are not part of the original solution 
  • Provide you the expert and affordable technical support to give you relief from any technical glitch or concern  

Concluding Notes 

In a nutshell, using a multi tenant based communication solution for your business can provide more power and scalability. You can enjoy the benefits of saving money and overcoming geographical barriers and security concerns. 

To enjoy all the advantages of using the best business communication and collaboration solution, it is necessary to partner with the right and reliable provider. If you are in search of the best provider, such as ASTPP, that can be your pal to enjoy the advantages of using a multi-tenant IP PBX solution, then you are at the right place. Your quest ends here. To discuss this further, contact us NOW!