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Class 5 Softswitch Software to Start Your Own VoIP Business Effortless and Instantly

  • January 4, 2022

In the VoIP industry, there are several business opportunities to grab. You can use any open source or proprietary system to run your own VoIP business. Class 5 Softswitch software is one of the popular systems that can help you start your business instantly and efficiently.

You can either use the wholesale or retail switch to get started as both of them are popular options.

How to launch and run a successful business using retail aka class 5 Softswitch software.

1. Get the right system

There are many VoIP providers that offer this retail switch along with other systems such as call monitoring software, fax server solution, cloud based IVR solution, VoIP fraud detection software, open source VoIP PBX system, DID numbering system, etc. You can get your switch from one of these providers.

Choosing this solution from one of the reliable VoIP Softswitch providers can be more beneficial as you can also get class 4 VoIP Softswitch in the future if needed from the same provider. This type of provider also provides futuristic features. It is recommended to buy a class 5 Softswitch with billing platform. 

2. Define packages

Each class 4/5 Softswitch software solution offers different features. By merging different features, you can create different packages to provide different types of VoIP services to different providers.

3. Launch a business

Once your retail switch is ready with all the required features and once you design rate cards in your VoIP billing software, you can run your VoIP businesses. You can also make your name in the top VoIP service providers.

4. Provide added offerings to increase revenues

Along with the business phone or retail VoIP services, you can also offer added services to your customers to increase revenues. Usually, a class 5 switch is used to provide end to end calling and communication services. It can traverse voice, fax, data, video traffic, etc. using SIP VoIP. All Softphone systems can work with this VoIP solution. You can offer PC dialer software or white label dialers to cater to clients and earn added revenues.

Concluding notes

In conclusion, launching a business as one of the top VoIP service providers is easy using a feature rich class 5 Softswitch with billing solution. Once you are successful with your retail VoIP business, you can provide multiple VoIP services to your clients. You can also offer this solution if you have a multi tenant software solution to other business VoIP providers to run their own business of SIP VoIP calling.

You can also add more VoIP products with class 5 Softswitch integration. The integration process will integrate all systems within the same switch, so you will not need to manage multiple systems. 

Are you interested in exploring more about this powerful switch to launch your VoIP business effortlessly and quickly?

ASTPP has a powerful class 4/5 Softswitch software solution to offer. It also has a powerful VoIP billing solution integrated within the software to provide a complete platform. 

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