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Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software: Top 5 Features

  • January 10, 2022

Effective and uninterrupted communication is an inseparable part of any successful business. When we talk about a platform that can meet the business communication needs of a successful business, multi-tenant IP PBX software first strikes the mind.

Any software with the tenant or subaccount support will have multiple features. Let’s explore the top 5 features available in the hosted PBX solution.

1. Multi tenant support

Whether you use an IP (Internet Protocol) PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution for your own business or you use it to provide business phone service, multi tenant environment is necessary. It provides central control over the communication of different business branches or customers.

2. Billing

Many FreeSWITCH solutions offer integrated VoIP billing solution as one of the features. A hosted IP PBX integrated billing solution can help you run your own business and invoice customers automatically with the help of integrated VoIP billing software.

This type of platform is also useful in ensuring fair usage of business communication resources.

3. Calling features

Each business uses a multi tenant IP PBX software platform to meet its business communication needs. Thus, it must have features to support business communication.

Key features expected to have in this platform are as below:

  •         IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  •         Call queues
  •         Ring group
  •         Call forwarding
  •         Call transfer
  •         Call park and pickup
  •         Find Me, Follow Me
  •         Call recording
  •         Time based IVR

4. DND support

Many businesses consider that DND (Do Not Disturb) feature is needed only in the call center dialer software. But, as per the industry standard, all VoIP calling software must have DND support to make sure customers are contacted based on their interests. Thus, DND support is a mandatory and useful feature in any hosted private branch exchange solution.

5. CDR

This is one of the basic features available in all VoIP solutions and private branch exchange software with sub account support is not an exception here. Even an open source solution provides call detail reports (CDR). A more advanced and scalable PBX solution will have more advanced call detail reports with predefined KPI values. Depending on your business needs, you can also ask SAAS to add additional CDRs.


A feature rich multi tenant IP PBX solution will have multiple features to offer, but the five features mentioned in this article are must have features in it. These features will not only help in empowering business communication, but can also be used to run a business as a hosted IP PBX integrated billing solution provide.

Are you interested in using multi tenant IP PBX software for your business or to run a business as one of the business VoIP providers?

ASTPP offers multiple add-ons to its users and FreeSWITCH private branch exchange software with tenant support is one of the add-ons available in this powerful platform.

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