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Open Source vs. Proprietary: Which VoIP Solution Is Better?

  • October 6, 2020

For communication or to run a business, VoIP solutions are used everywhere and anywhere in the world. This has brought a tidal wave in the VoIP software industry. Unlike earlier, when only simple VoIP solutions were available such as class 4 Softswitch, fax server solution, etc., nowadays smart VoIP telephony solutions are available. These smart VoIP software solutions hold the power of multiple VoIP solutions within a single system. One more shift in the industry is the launch of more proprietary VoIP solutions along with available open source VoIP solutions. In this article, we will share a comparison between an open source and proprietary VoIP solution to help you choose the right one.

1. Cost

An open source solution is cheaper as there is no cost of the license. It is available for free. Even making the system white label is free. If you do not know VoIP coding, you will need help to install and white label an open source VoIP solution.

Proprietary VoIP solutions are not available for free. You need to pay the license cost. Generally, installation is covered in the license cost. White labeling a proprietary solution is quite expensive.

2. Features

Open source solutions are often dependent on a community who themselves are employed or busy developers. Therefore, often features are limited to some standard features. Even if an open source VoIP solution has a proactive community, such as ASTPP, it will not have all advanced features as proprietary software.

Proprietary VoIP solutions need to stay in the market and often need to win the competition. Therefore, they need to have the best in the industry features. Therefore, in a majority of the proprietary VoIP solutions, you will see a range of advanced features.

3. Access to code

Open source means it is open for all. Therefore, when you choose to use an open source VoIP software solution, you will get access to the code as well. However, if you do not have experience of VoIP development and the technology used in building that software, you will not have any benefit of having access to the code.

Proprietary VoIP solutions do not give access to the code. In fact, they provide a simple to use and effortless frontend to manage everything with a graphical user interface. This makes sure you do not have any need of accessing the code.

4. Growth and advancements in the software

Open source VoIP solutions are dependent on the community. Therefore, the advancement of features and growth of the software depends on the community.

Proprietary software solutions often have a roadmap of adding new features to stay ahead of the curve.

There is one more option available along with proprietary and open source VoIP solutions, called enterprise solutions. Open source VoIP solution providers offer an enterprise VoIP solution. These enterprise solutions are cheaper than a proprietary system and more advanced than an open source solution, which makes it the best choice.

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