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FreeSWITCH Billing Solution – A Complete Guide To Follow

  • December 2, 2022

Technology makes everything simplified for businesses and makes operations faster. From making calls to running a customer support department and even billing clients, technology has paved the way to enhance operations. The FreeSWITCH billing solution is one of the most vital technology tools invented by the top VoIP development companies to benefit wholesale and retail VoIP service providers. 

This article shares a complete guide on FreeSWITCH billing software to give a better understanding of this useful software. 

What is a FreeSWITCH billing platform? 

It is a comprehensive solution or set of multiple solutions integrated into a single platform to help track the use of the software by each customer and bill them based on their usage. A feature rich VoIP billing solution can also be used to meet multiple business needs such as managing customers, DID numbers, calling card software, tracking the use of the software, generating reports, billing clients, and processing payments. 

A FreeSWITCH billing solution is a VoIP billing platform that is developed with FreeSWITCH technology. This FreeSWITCH solution introduces partial and complete automation with its cutting edge features. 

The versatility of the software allows for its use in both wholesale and retail VoIP businesses. This software can either be a proprietary or an open source VoIP billing solution. Depending on various factors one can choose the billing system. 

Top reasons to use a FreeSWITCH billing software solution: 

Top 7 Reasons to Use a ASTPP FreeSWITCH Billing Software Solution

There are multiple reasons to use this VoIP billing software. Let’s explore the top reasons:

1. Feature rich billing and invoicing platform

In a business, a wholesale or retail billing system utilizes its amazing features, which are among the most vital reasons. It not only automates invoicing and billing, but it indeed helps in managing various business aspects in the VoIP industry. This can be a great benefit to the business. Following are the top features available in a feature rich FreeSWITCH VoIP billing solution: 

  •         SIP account management
  •         DID number management
  •         Calling card software
  •         Price list management
  •         Tariff/ rate card management
  •         Real time billing
  •         Prepaid and postpaid billing support
  •         Subscription and package management
  •         VAT accounting
  •         MVNO business support
  •         Time zone support
  •         Route management
  •         Codec management
  •         Reseller and customer management
  •         Switch management
  •         Reports
  •         And more

All these features are vital to handle multiple jobs in a business. Thus, even if it is known as a VoIP billing software solution, it can be used to handle multiple jobs.

2. Easy integration with any other VoIP software

Usually, a VoIP billing and invoicing system gets used with other VoIP solutions. However, some advanced smart telephony platforms like ASTPP offer multiple VoIP solutions like class 4 Softswitch, class 5 Softswitch, virtual fax over IP software, DID numbers management solution, SIP trunking software, and more along with open source VoIP billing software. Still, if your business already uses any other class 4 Softswitch, virtual fax over IP software, SIP trunking software, class 5 Softswitch, or any other VoIP solution, you can integrate the FreeSWITCH based billing system with it. 

The integration will make this solution an integral part of the original VoIP solution and provide access to all features of billing within that software.

3. Automated billing and invoicing

As mentioned earlier, one of the major advantages and reasons for using this software is to add automation to the process of tracking the use of a system or service by customers and billing them for that use. The billing platform also appends the additional charges if there are any such as service fees, legal taxes, etc. Once you make the required configurations, the system automates the entire process of tracking usage, creating invoices, and sending bills to customers. This ensures reaching customers at the right time with the most accurate invoices. This not only helps in maintaining timely payments, but also helps in keeping clients happy.

4. Manage financial history

Accounts and finances need to be clear for any business for accurate business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and making other financial decisions. A FreeSWITCH billing platform logs all calls, bills, payment processing details, and another financial history. The information will help you manage all data effectively for financial planning. Accurate financial information can help in attracting more investors.

5. Boost productivity

As the FreeSWITCH VoIP billing solution automates the whole process, manpower does not need to be involved in routine invoicing and billing. The manpower needs to be involved only when we need to change the rate card or subscription plan. This keeps your manual resources available to handle other vital and productive jobs. This helps in increasing productivity.

6. Maximize resource utilization

Not only manual resources but other resources can also be utilized with maximum potential with useful and efficient features of a VoIP billing and invoicing system developed using FreeSWITCH technology. It maximizes the resources and returns from these resources.

7. Reseller support

The best FreeSWITCH SIP trunking billing software also supports n-level resellers. Resellers obviously help in expanding business reach and revenue. The best billing software supports reseller level billing and invoicing. This keeps the reseller processes separate and doesn’t interfere with each other. 

Concluding notes 

In a nutshell, a feature rich and proprietary or open source VoIP billing solution helps in enhancing the whole process of invoicing and billing. The FreeSWITCH based solutions are often more scalable and robust, which makes them preferable to modern business owners in the VoIP industry.   

ASTPP has a smart telephony platform that offers multiple VoIP and telephony solutions along with a FreeSWITCH billing solution. It can be integrated with any PBX, VoIP Softswitch, or VoIP solutions. Thousands of businesses across the globe use it to boost revenue and serve more customers. We also provide the required assistance to leverage the full potential of ASTPP. To know more about this SIP trunking billing software and how it can help your business, get in touch with us.