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VoIP Billing Solutions for Small Businesses – Two Major Models to Choose

  • November 29, 2022

Small businesses are mushrooming and that is indeed delightful to witness. We have been supporting small businesses and startup companies with our different offerings bundled into our open source VoIP platform. We also keep on sharing the top resources to help SMBs (Small and medium scale businesses) choose the right platform and models of acquisition to thrive their businesses. In today’s blog post, we will talk about an important topic of acquiring a VoIP billing solution for small businesses. 

For any small business or startup company, investing in anything needs brainstorming and several considerations. The reason is each small business deals with a compressed budget and increasing expenses. However, investment in the right technology with the right acquisition model can help in reducing expenses and increasing ROI (Returns over Investment). Investment in VoIP billing software is one of the vital choices for a small business. 

This blog post is not about guiding you to select the right VoIP billing platform, but it is about selecting the right acquisition model for you. 

What is a VoIP billing solution? 

VoIP Billing Solution

As the name suggests, it is a VoIP solution developed by the top VoIP development company or an open source community to provide invoicing and billing features to providers. A majority of VoIP billing solutions automate multiple jobs related to invoicing and billing for VoIP service providers. 

The billing system can be further classified as an Asterisk billing solution or FreeSWITCH billing software depending on the development technology the framework has used. 

Generally, the VoIP invoicing and billing system gets integrated with any other software such as a multi tenant IP PBX solution, fax server solution, call center software, etc. It automates invoicing and billing processes for the provider, so the whole process can be error-free, efficient, accurate, and timely. The billing system will also have payment processing options to let customers pay online. It means the whole billing process will be automated completely. 

What are the major models of acquisition of VoIP billing software? 

Two Major Models VoIP Billing Solutions for Small Businesses

There are different types of VoIP billing solutions available in the market and each provider has different acquisition models. A small business must use this software to automate the whole or partial process of invoicing and billing. This will reduce the need of putting the whole team of accountants to bill different customers. This actually helps in reducing expenses and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Small businesses can acquire the VoIP billing platform with any of the two popular models as explained hereunder: 

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Concluding notes 

The VoIP invoicing and billing solution can be acquired with either OpEx or CapEx model and both have their own pros and cons for a small business or startup. It is necessary to invest time in selecting the right VoIP billing solution. 

We have been offering a renowned open source VoIP platform, including an advanced invoicing and billing solution. We can help you choose the right acquisition model along with getting the best billing platform to add features like real time billing to your VoIP business. To explore more, contact us.