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Open Source VoIP Continues to Gain Momentum in Businesses

  • February 16, 2022

Open source VoIP solutions have been in the industry for many years. There was a time in the voice over IP industry when businesses and providers were inclined towards proprietary and third party software, but in the past few years, the Open source platforms have grown in popularity massively.

Since its inception, open source aka community platforms have been interested in many business providers. After decades, still, community systems have been growing and now have gained momentum in businesses for multiple reasons.

1. Shrinking budgets

One of the major reasons behind the increasing demand for open source Softswitch, VoIP PBX, or similar systems in the market is due to the shrinking budget. Due to various factors, entrepreneurs don’t have the funds to invest heavily in custom software.

2. Open source solutions are mature enough

Gone are the days, when community solutions were lagging behind. A few community members, even if trying hard, could not handle the growing competition from third party call center software providers or PBX providers.

But now the scenario is different. The community platforms are as advanced in terms of features, maturity, and other aspects as compared to proprietary solutions. For example, ASTPP billing is not just the most advanced open source billing platform, but it also offers loads of add-ons and solutions to its community users, including wholesale Softswitch.

3. Competition is increasing

It becomes difficult to secure a dominant position in the market if competition is fierce. The voice over IP and other industries using telephony products face a massive surge in competition. This increases the demand for investment in multiple aspects other than software such as:

  • Customer support
  • Lead generation and sales
  • Marketing
  • Brand building
  • And more

This makes it necessary to save money in all aspects, including software. This has contributed to the momentum of VoIP in businesses.

4. No vendor lock-in

One of the major reasons behind the increasing attractiveness of open source VoIP fraud detection software or similar software is the fact that it gives vendor independence. If you want to customize a VoIP fraud detection software solution and if it is an open source, you can use services from one out of many available freelancers or companies that have expertise in that open source system.

5. Get access to the code

Proprietary systems don’t give access to the system code, even if you pay way more compared to an open source billing solution or similar system. On the contrary, a community platform gives access to the complete code for absolutely free.

Concluding notes

Open source VoIP solutions are gaining momentum in businesses as these platforms are now ready to compete with other third party platforms. Moreover, these platforms offer an array of advantages compared to third party solutions. The approach and attitude of businesses towards community systems have also changed, which is contributing to the recognition and adoption of community platforms.

The ASTPP VoIP billing solution is one of the most popular open source platforms in the voice over IP industry. 

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