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IP PBX vs EPABX: Which Is the Preferable Solution for a Business? 

  • February 10, 2023

EPABX was considered the most preferable tool of communication for meeting business telecommunication needs. They were a hardware based system using copper wires, physical setup, and phone devices. EPABX provides telecommunication services using POTS (Plain Old Telephone Services). On the other hand, the IP PBX solution is a software solution that offers an advanced business phone system to enterprises. Being a software solution, it does not need hardware setup or copper wires. Instead of that, it uses internet lines to establish calls and lets businesses enjoy rich communication features. 

As the EPABX system has been in use for a long time in businesses, there are several businesses reluctant about replacing this platform with any other solution. Even if a multi tenant IP PBX system is more beneficial for businesses and should be the preferred option. If you are one of those businesses that want to explore why prefer an IP PBX software solution over an EPABX system, continue reading this comparison blog. 

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Concluding notes 

In conclusion, there are several limitations to using an EPABX system. But, there are several advantages to using an IP PBX software solution. It is recommended to use the best IP PBX solution for your business communication and collaboration needs. If you are using EPABX, then this is the time to switch to a better business communication solution. 

We offer a multi tenant IP PBX system to our clients and we make the switch very easy and flexible. To know more about it, contact us NOW!