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How IP PBX Software Benefits Healthcare Industry?

  • July 6, 2021

The VoIP solutions get developed to benefit each industry vertical. There are one or more VoIP solutions available to benefit each industry vertical. In this article, we will share how an IP PBX software solution benefits the healthcare industry. The IP PBX system is one of the most popular VoIP solutions.

As we all are aware of the condition caused by the world novel Coronavirus, the healthcare industry is facing a lot of pressure and scarcity of resources. In this case, an IP PBX solution can really be a great help. This smart VoIP software comes up with an amazing range of features that empowers and benefits the healthcare industry.

Use Of Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution In Healthcare Industry

1. Multi tenant IP PBX Supports Centralized Communication

Usually, a healthcare organization has multiple branches and several staff members along with multiple departments. Using the traditional means of communication can cause several issues such as:

  • No logs of calls
  • No logs of collaborative calls
  • No way to track communication reports
  • And more

Moreover, there is no way to connect the means of communication of different branches with each other or to the headquartered office of the healthcare organization. On the other hand, a multi tenant IP PBX solution can create a centralized telecommunication system. It can log all the calls and present an easy to review view in the report sections. The main healthcare organization can also have complete control over telecommunication resources allotted to other branches.

2. Self Serving Options for Patients and Their Families

Similar to many other smart VoIP telephony solutions, the IP PBX software also supports different self serving options. This can help patients to get answers to frequently asked questions or taking regular actions such as scheduling an appointment or checking the report status easier and automated. Patients do not need to try multiple times to connect to the hospital receptionist or visit a pharmacy store physically. This can be automated by the IP PBX system. This can improve the experience of patients and their families. On the other hand, it can help the healthcare industry to save resources and increase productivity.

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3. More Tightly Connected Communication

In the medical line, proactive communication and reliable collaboration are crucial. In the case of an emergency, all relevant medical staff needs to get contacted easily to call on duty. The IP PBX solution makes this possible. From accurate call forwarding to 3-way conferencing, there are many features an IP PBX solution offers to tightly connect the staff of the healthcare organization.


In the current era, communication is crucial in the healthcare industry. The IP PBX solution can bridge the gap to provide more reliable communication and collaboration as well as a call quality assurance tool to the healthcare industry.

ASTPP has the best IP PBX solution to offer along with several other VoIP solutions it has to offer. If you are interested in exploring more about the IP PBX solution of ASTPP for the healthcare industry, contact us.