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How Resellers Increase Sales in VoIP Business?

  • July 7, 2020

All businesses use the reseller model and businesses in the VoIP industry cannot be an exception here. This is the reason advanced VoIP products such as ASTPP offers reseller module and user management features to let you take advantage of the reseller model.There are many benefits of acquiring resellers in your VoIP business.

The top benefits of having resellers that ultimately help you increase sales.

1. Unpaid marketing teams

To increase sales, you have to run digital marketing and traditional marketing campaigns. As the competition in the VoIP industry is getting fierce, investment in marketing is also increasing. Building a strong team of resellers work as your marketing teams to whom you do not need to pay. Unlike an in-house marketing team that needs to get paid whether there is any business or not, resellers only earn when they generate business. This can be a great business channel to increase sales without any additional investment.

2. Better local positioning

There are many markets and countries, in which, customers prefer to take service from a local brand or from a company that has a local representative. If you are doing business of wholesale VoIP using class 4 Softswitch, you must be offering services to multiple international destinations and it can be expensive and difficult to have local representatives in multiple countries. Also, not having a local presence means losing significant business. On the other hand, having a reseller network in the local market help you better position your brand and that also without any investment. It gives straight profit from the business carried out by your resellers.

3. Increased brand awareness

As mentioned earlier, each business needs to invest in marketing to gain authority, to build a business brand, and to increase sales. When you have a reseller network, each of them will do local marketing and possibly global marketing as per the contract you may have. It means your products and services will be marketed by all your resellers. These combined efforts will be huge without a question and thus, it will help you become a better and bigger business brand in the world.

4. Increased ROI

The reseller model in the VoIP business works with a straightforward fact that you do not need to pay to the reseller for nothing. You do not pay him to bring in new clients. You do not pay him to provide customer support services to the client and you also do not pay for marketing. The only investment needed from your end is providing the required training to your client in the beginning. That is it. It means all new clients coming to you are giving your straightforward profit and ROI.

Concluding notes

In a nutshell, having a reseller model and building a strong reseller network can help you become a strong business brand and enjoy handsome profits. Thus, the first thing you need to do is adopt a VoIP solution with a reseller module such as ASTPP 4 and implement a reseller model.

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