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White Label Mobile SIP Dialer Boosts Your Business

  • June 30, 2020

Mobility is always considered as a priority in business. Thus, the market of mobile SIP dialer has always been booming. COVID 19 has increased the need for mobility. Mobile SIP dialer gives a cost-effective way to introduce business mobility. Furthermore, a white label mobile SIP dialer can help in increasing business in several ways.

What is a white label mobile SIP dialer?

It is a mobile SIP dialer with your business brand elements such as Logo, theme, layout, etc. Generally, the provider of the mobile SIP dialer offers white labeling and his team makes the required modification to provide you a white label mobile SIP dialer.

How white label mobile SIP dialer boosts your business?

Let us share the top 3 ways it helps boosting business:

1. Create a brand identity in the market

Mobility is a priority of all business phone service users. Thus, even if you offer the best IP PBX solution, you have to offer a SIP Softphone, so your users can take advantage of hassle-free remote communication. Instead of offering open source SIP Softphone, which is available for free, you should offer your own branded mobile SIP dialer. You can get a white label mobile SIP dialer at affordable rates and this investment lets you establish your brand.

2. Stay competitive

In the VoIP phone services and ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) businesses, all providers offer mobile SIP dialer. Thus, you do not have the option of not having a mobile SIP dialer app for your users. It may lead you to lose customers to your competition. Thus, to stay in the competition, you must offer a SIP Softphone app to your customers. If you do not have a white label mobile SIP dialer, it may lead to inconsistent user experience as they are dealing with two different brands. Some customers also do not like to use open source solutions. This is the reason, all major players in these industries offer white label mobile SIP dialer to their users. Thus, to stay in the competition, you, too, have to offer a white label mobile SIP dialer app.

3. Increase customer satisfaction

In any business, customer satisfaction is one of the major performance indicators. Your customers have to be happy with the services you offer. This can be possible if you provide flawless services, a quality experience, and the tools they need. As mentioned earlier, customers prefer to have tools that let them take advantage of remote communication. A mobile SIP dialer can provide these features and related benefits. Thus, to delight your clients you have to launch a white label mobile SIP dialer. You can also charge clients for this additional tool, but it must be a white label solution.


Mobility is the demand of the time and that is why to boost business. Thus, one needs to offer a white label mobile SIP dialer to his customers.

We offer white label mobile SIP dialer which is furnished with multiple features. To know more about it, contact us.