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Why Use a VoIP Solution Available with a Free Trial?

  • July 21, 2020

For a single VoIP solution, you will find numerous providers and companies offering the same solution with almost similar features. Of course, they might not be the same even if they look so. However, these many options make the selection process difficult. An important fact to be considered here is that VoIP solutions require significant investment. Thus, the choice needs to be made wisely. You cannot buy another class 4 Softswitch just because you did not like the one which you had bought in the first place. It will not only waste money leading towards business loss, but it will also waste a lot of time leading towards delay in commencing a business or delay in competitive service offerings to the customers. Thus, you must buy a VoIP software that is indeed the best one.

In the VoIP industry, you will see, some providers offer a free trial and some of them do not offer that. You must buy software, which is available with a free trial at least for two weeks aka 14 days. Let me explain why:

1. To assure the functional capabilities of the VoIP solution

Sometimes, what you see in the demo and what you get as the final product is quite different. For example, if you take a demo of a multi tenant IP PBX solution from a sales guy and at that time, a feature “Find Me, Follow Me” works flawlessly. However, when you buy that product and it does not work the way you want to. As you can imagine, you have to deal with what you have as you have already purchased it and support service might be paid, which will increase expenses.

When you use a free trial of a VoIP solution, you get an opportunity to test each feature for its functional accuracy. Moreover, you can run this test as many times as you want to and get clarity on whether the product is as flawless in production as it was in a demo.

2. To have enough time to let your team test and give feedback

Generally, one of the representatives of the company buys a VoIP solution and that is used by multiple other employees. There are some scenarios in which the one who buys the software finds it simple to use, but other team members struggle with the same. A major reason can be the flow of the VoIP software, its documentation, its training, and even its GUI elements.

Taking a free demo of the smart VoIP software before actually paying for it gives you time to let all team members test the software and give their feedback. This will also help in choosing a simple to use and accurate software.

3. To save money and time

When you buy the right VoIP solution after thoroughly testing during the trial period, you make sure you save money and time otherwise invested in buying a wrong solution and then hunting the right one.

ASTPP is one of the best VoIP solutions, which offer a risk-free trial of 14 days for its enterprise version. To know more, contact us.