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How to Fight Against VoIP Frauds?

  • January 19, 2022

Fraud and hack attacks are common with all software platforms that use the internet or if they are connected to the internet in any possible way. SIP VoIP platforms are easy victims of hack attempts and deceitful activities because they use internet lines to traverse calls, data, fax, etc. It is necessary to have a reliable VoIP Frauds detection and prevention system in place for any voice over IP software you are using. 

Some effective tips that can help you deal with deceptive and hack attempts. 

1. Use one of the top VoIP Frauds detection software

The first step to protect your business from malicious activities is to use a reliable platform that can detect these kinds of attacks. Some platforms can even take the required steps to prevent loss and safeguard a voice over internet protocol solution like an open source IP PBX system or the best call center software.

You will also have an option to use the best VoIP Frauds detection services, but the best option would be to use a licensed platform and integrate it with your IP PBX or any other solution that you are using.

2. Don’t use open source solutions for detection

There are some options available of open source VoIP Frauds detection software, but you must not fall for those free platforms. The code of all open source platforms is available to everyone across the globe. Hackers can easily access this code and create scripts or injections to hack your system and run toll fraudulent activities. They may also attack the platform with DOS, DDOS, or other attacks.

Thus, it is highly recommended to avoid using an open source option and use one of the top VoIP Frauds detection software solutions.

3. Configure the rules in the best VoIP fraud detection software

Each VoIP fraud detection platform supports the configuration of different rules that can help you prevent attacks. Some of the rules that you must configure are as below:

  1. Unusual call traffic from a specific prefix
  2. Unusual call traffic from a specific country
  3. Unusual call traffic from the same source
  4. Unusual call traffic during odd hours

Depending on several other factors, you can define different rules that identify malicious activities.

4. Block detected deceitful use of the system

The best VoIP fraud detection software will not only help you identify malicious attacks, but will also help you block or blacklist that caller or country. Automate this process to block unauthorized system usage when admin is unavailable.

Concluding notes

Detecting the deceptive use of any voice over IP software is easy by using one of the reliable VoIP fraud management solutions. You will not only be able to perform effective VoIP fraud detection, but you can also restrict unauthorized use of your system or service.

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