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What Is WHMCS VoIP Billing? How Does It Work to Enhance Your Business?

  • January 15, 2022

WHMCS billing Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) aka telecom industry has many amazing telecom solutions to offer. These solutions can enhance the business models of different VoIP service providers and other industries, too. These solutions can work with third party platforms like a call center solution to add missing features and automate several jobs in a platform to enhance the operational model of a company. It can further help in reducing expenses, so ROI (Returns over Investment) can be increased. WHMCS VoIP billing solution is one of the must use platforms for businesses using any of the telecom software. 

This software benefits businesses with multiple advantages and helps them uplift their revenues and ROI. Let’s understand this platform in more detail.

What Is WHMCS billing software?

WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. It is a complete solution that automates web hosting business and the WHMCS billing system is a billing platform for Web Host Manager Complete Solution users. It can be an Asterisk or FreeSWITCH billing system.  is integrated into the Web Host Manager Complete Solution.

This VoIP billing solution can be a proprietary or open source solution and it can automate multiple aspects related to invoicing and billing clients. 

WHMCS generates invoices automatically for its customers. 

How does this platform enhance your business?

In multiple ways, it can enhance your business. Let’s explore the top 3 ways it contributes to enhancing your business.

1. Simplified customer management

If you use one of the best open source telecom billing systems for your Web Host Manager Complete Solution, you can be rest assured that you will not need to create two users, one in WHMCS VoIP billing platform and another in Web Host Manager Complete Solution. All users created in the main system will reflect in invoicing software automatically.

2. Simplified and automated invoicing process 

Invoicing users of web hosting products is a very complicated task for VoIP service providers or call center software providers. The open source telecom invoicing platforms not only automate the process of invoicing, but also simplify it. One doesn’t need to involve manual resources in this process. It will not only save time, but multiple other resources for your business.

3. Provide more remote payment options

Remote payment of bills is in demand and many people prefer the same. By using the best VoIP invoicing software with your Cpanel WHMCS module, you can provide more payment gateway options to your clients. This will add the flexibility of bill payment for your customers.

Concluding notes

In conclusion, the WHMCS VoIP billing platform can help your business to simplify the process of customer management by synchronizing data between both Web Host Manager Complete Solution and Asterisk or FreeSWITCH invoicing platform. It will also automate a complicated job of keeping accounts of usage of different customers and bill them based on the same. 

This platform can also help in making the whole process of bill payment automated and more flexible. 

ASTPP offers not only a powerful VoIP billing platform, but also a Cpanel WHMCS module.

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