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How to Launch and Flourish Your Business Using ASTPP?

  • September 13, 2022


ASTPP is popularly known as the #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH. There are many companies that use this software as a complete smart telephony platform. In fact, the ASTPP enterprise solution is a one-stop solution for any VoIP service provider or telephony business owner as it offers all the required telecommunication systems within a single platform with amazing benefits. 

Already more than 10,000 businesses are gaining business benefits by using this best telephony solution and your business can be the next. Whether you use an ASTPP enterprise solution or an open source version, you can still launch your VoIP telephony business and flourish with it. 

Please remember that the open source version gives access to limited yet powerful telephony solutions such as a SIP trunking solution with a routing and billing system. On the other hand, an enterprise system will give access to the complete smart telephony platform with all its features and add-ons.

How to launch and flourish a VoIP business using ASTPP?

How to Launch and Flourish Your Business Using ASTPPHere is the stepwise guide to follow to launch and grow your IP telephony business.

1. Define your service area and goal

The IP telephony industry is huge and you can run multiple types of VoIP businesses. Thus, it is necessary to define what type of business you want to run. You can also define your target audience to know what software you will need to get started with. For example, class 4 Softswitch is necessary to provide wholesale VoIP service to VoIP providers, and a multi tenant IP PBX is vital to provide end to end business phone service. In a nutshell, define your business plan.

2. Get ASTPP solution 

Get ASTPP solutionBased on your business plan, you can either get an enterprise version of ASTPP or the #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH. For example, if you need just an SIP trunking solution with a routing and billing system, then the open source version can meet your needs else you will need the enterprise solution. 

3. Run and market your business

Once you acquire ASTPP, you must launch your business. Use your network and marketing techniques to spread awareness about your VoIP business and gain clients. Excellent customer service and automation in billing for accurate invoicing with the integrated VoIP billing solution of ASTPP will help you retain clients and get referral business.

4. Offer a referral bonus

To gain new clients, you can announce and offer a referral bonus to customers. This can help you gain new clients while retaining the existing ones. 

5. Create a network of resellers

Create a network of resellersASTPP also provides a comprehensive reseller module, which you can use to create a network of enthusiast resellers. These resellers will resell your services and you can make money. 

Concluding notes

ASTPP provides not only a VoIP solution like the #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH, class 4 Softswitch,multi tenant IP PBX, etc., but it also provides an ideal environment to grow your VoIP business. We can help you with more information about this smart VoIP telephony solution and how you can use it to expand your business. Contact us for more details and consultation to get started with your telephony business.