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How to Leverage Maximum Benefit of ASTPP 4?

  • May 26, 2020

ASTPP 4 is one of the most powerful VoIP tools available in the market these days. In fact, it is the only smart telephony solution, which introduced the concept of add-ons to provide an umbrella of solutions. The ASTPP 4 not only comes with the core software which gives access to most competitive class 4 Softswitch solution and advanced VoIP billing software, but it also offers a wide array of add-ons to both enterprise and open source version users.

There are many businesses flourishing by using the power of ASTPP 4. However, there are still some companies, which are using limited features and not the complete strength of this powerful smart telephony solution. In this article, we will share how all businesses can take the real advantage of having a truly smart telephony platform.

1. Join ASTPP training

Even you will not deny the fact that you cannot use something without knowing it completely. ASTPP 4 is not an exception here. You must join the ASTPP training program offered by the ASTPP team as well. You will learn the practical use of this smart telephony software and its different add-ons from the ASTPP experts who are part of building it and maintaining it for many years. This training will give you that knowledge of ASTPP 4, which you cannot learn otherwise from anywhere.

2. Use enterprise ASTPP

ASTPP open source version is also powerful, but there are some limitations.

  1. You will not get access to many amazing add-ons such as multi tenant IP PBX, ported numbers, WHMCS, FoIP, etc.
  2. You cannot use some advanced features available in the ASTPP core solution.
  3. You cannot take advantage of the support service offered by the ASTPP team.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of all features, add-ons as well as support services offered by ASTPP experts by getting an ASTPP enterprise version. According to your budget, you can opt for Managed Services or Self Hosting model.

3. Take advantage of resources

ASTPP team is very proactive in helping its users. Thus, they share various resources on ASTPP. For example, you can learn about important facts, tips, benefits, use cases, etc. related to ASTPP in its blog section, which gets updated regularly. You can use documentation, Changelogs, and all other resources published by the team ASTPP. All these resources are available to both, open source and enterprise version users.

4. ASTPP community is here at your disposal

ASTPP is one of those open source solutions, which take pride in having the most proactive community. The community has worldwide members as well as ASTPP team members working on this software day in day out. You can ask any of your queries by raising it in the ASTPP community.

Concluding Notes

ASTPP 4 is the most advanced smart telephony platform that can give you an untouchable competitive edge. All you need to do is use the tips shared in this article to know the strength of this platform and use it at its best.

To ask any questions related to ASTPP 4 or any points mentioned in this article, contact us.