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IP PBX System: Find a Reliable and Robust Business Telecommunication Solution

  • December 23, 2020

If you are looking for a reliable and robust telecommunication solution for your business, then the IP PBX system is the best system to use. The multi tenant IP PBX solution is ideal for businesses that have more than one business branches.

The multi tenant IP PBX solution comes up with an array of features and functionalities to consolidate business communication and collaboration. While exploring different IP PBX solutions, whether a single tenant or multi tenant, you need to make sure you receive the right solution.

Here are some things to keep in mind to ensure you find a reliable and robust business telecommunication solution.

1. Scalable solution

The businesses tend to grow and therefore, your business also needs to get the solution that can support a growing workforce and customers. Whether you use single or multi tenant IP PBX software, it has to meet your business communication and collaboration needs. The system comes with a smart VoIP telephony solution such as ASTPP is highly scalable in nature.

2. Flexible system

In any business, according to the nature of the business and industry vertical, multiple enterprise solutions and tools are used. The businesses should look for an IP PBX solution that can be used along with these systems. Moreover, if needed this solution should be flexible enough to support integration with other enterprise software. For example, if the required CRM solution can be integrated into the multi tenant IP PBX solution.

3. Robust solution

Multiple extensions and several parallel calls are normal in any business. Possibly the number is of one or two-digit in small businesses, but it can grow to three and even four digits. Moreover, multi tenant IP PBX solution would handle tens or hundreds of calls from the first day only. Once it is set up correctly, this solution should support all concurrent calls and extensions without any issues like system crash. Of course, you may need high scalability solution setup with clustering, but the software must be robust enough to handle the load and increasing demand.

4. Advanced features

Traditional telecommunication solutions also now offer features like blind call forwarding, phone book, caller ID, etc. If an IP PBX solution offers the same features, then the only benefit might be is the cost per call. However, as we all know businesses invest in quality and enhancements, not just in saving some bucks. Increasing productivity, delivering better customer services, keeping team collaborated, etc. are the benefits of businesses seeking to maximize resource utilization and returns. Therefore, the multi tenant IP PBX solution has to offer more features such as:

  • Blind and attended call forwarding to use both features as per the business case.
  • Call filtering to filter out sales and other junk calls.
  • Holiday or time-specific IVR or call routing to handle calls during holidays or non-working hours.

All these are necessary things an IP PBX solution must have to offer you a solution that can benefit you for a long.

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