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Multi Tenant IP PBX with Billing and Its Top Benefits

  • April 28, 2020

Multi tenant IP PBX solution along with the billing facility is one of the most powerful software for the service providers. Learn more about it along with the top benefits made available by this solution.

The VoIP industry is one of the most dynamic and innovative industries. It has been in existence for many decades and advances in leaps and bounds. The core agenda of the innovative VoIP companies is to offer ongoing and quality communication and collaboration solutions to the end users. Between the end users and the VoIP companies, there are service providers. The service providers use different software such as smart VoIP software offered by the VoIP companies to offer the best communication and collaboration services to the end users aka customers. The service providers use different types of solutions to cater to the customers. In this article, we are going to talk about a very powerful solution, called, multi tenant IP PBX solution with billing. Here, billing is not a basic billing system. Here, billing is advanced and extensive billing features bundled in a module or software.

Top Benefits of Multi Tenant IP PBX Software

Cost Effective

The multi tenant IP PBX software is one of the most popular solutions in the VoIP industry, which is used to offer the best in the industry business telephony services at cost-effective rates. Companies can utilize an IP PBX solution for advanced communication features unavailable in traditional telephony. Furthermore, you can use all the advanced features at a cheaper communication cost compared to traditional communication.

Increase Revenue

The multi tenant IP PBX solution lets service providers manage tenants so they can run an advanced level of business to boost revenues. When we talk about the tenants, it clearly indicates that the service provider needs to bill the tenants for their use in order to generate revenues.

Multiple users can utilize the IP PBX system and its features, while different tenants can also use the system in various ways. Furthermore, each service provider applies different packages to bill different customers based on the features they use. In a nutshell, the whole billing process is quite complicated.

A multi-tenant IP PBX solution can prevent delays, inaccuracies, and resource waste caused by traditional billing systems. Thus, it needs an integrated and advanced VoIP billing software solution. One of the functional capabilities of this solution will include advanced billing.

This billing system will make the whole process of invoicing and billing customers automated. At the predefined interval, the company will send the bill to the customers in a specified format. The customers will also receive the method of paying the bill. This ultimately makes the whole process easy, swift, and highly accurate. Furthermore, it keeps resources free to utilize elsewhere in a productive manner.

The multi tenant IP PBX solution with billing comes with an amazing range of features. It provides competitive capabilities to the service providers. The service providers can use these features in their favour.

Smart VoIP software solutions like ASTPP offer additional features benefiting service providers. With this kind of powerful software, businesses can generate more customer satisfaction, revenues, and higher returns over investment.

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