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Must Have VoIP Features in Your Smart Telephony Platform

  • August 18, 2022

If you are a business owner although not offering VoIP services, VoIP based communication solutions are your pal. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has been benefiting different businesses for many years to different scaled and sized businesses. Now is the era of smart telephony platforms. Using a smart solution can also help in making your business communication smart, which gives access to better features, automates various jobs, and still reduces expenses. Whether you use a multi tenant IP PBX solution or a simple SIP trunk software solution, knowing the major and must have features can help you match the pace with the latest trends and use your software at maximum potential.

Fundamentally, businesses use systems like an IP PBX solution, conferencing solution, class 5 Softswitch solution, etc. to take care of business communication and collaboration more efficiently and effectively. Each smart VoIP software can have a set of must have features into it. In this article, we are sharing the must have features of a VoIP based business communication solution.

Must Have VoIP Features in Your Smart Telephony Platform

1. Advanced call management

Advanced Call Managment
A majority of businesses switch from traditional to VoIP based business communication to use advanced call management features. There are businesses that don’t care about the cost if the quality of service, number of features, etc. are available as per the expectations.

The VoIP development companies that develop business phone systems need to build the major and advanced call management features as a fundamental offering of this software.

Following are the list of features that a smart telephony solution must have to provide advanced call management to business:
● Call hold and retrieve
● Call mute and un-mute
● Call prioritization
● Call blocking
● Blacklist
● Whitelist

All these are must have call management features in your business communication solution.

2. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Iteractive voice responseIt is also known as an auto attendant and this is a necessary feature in your telephony software. It will automatically attend to all incoming calls and greet the caller with a warm greeting. This feature can also engage callers with interactive voice prompts and music on hold until the solution is delivered to the caller or if the caller is connected to the right executive. Even when a caller calls during off-working hours, the IVR feature will greet and engage customers. The IVR system available in the smart telephony platforms can also let customers take advanced actions that are commonly taken by different customers such as retrieving an account balance, making a bill payment, etc.

3. Call routing and call queuing

Call routing and call queuing

The call center solutions, modern multi tenant IP PBX solutions, and multiple other smart telephony solutions use call routing and call queuing to put customers in the call queue that can connect them to the right agent. A single business communication system can have more than one call routing feature. In a single call queue, multiple customers can be lined up to connect with the business executive based on priority and other criteria.

4. Anonymous call rejection

It is an amazing feature to save time for your agents otherwise get wasted in handling crank calls. All businesses prefer that the business team focus on handling customers and their queries and not on random promotions or spam calls. Thus, the business telephony platforms need to have this feature.

5. Conference calling

Conference Calling
To conduct a conference with multiple people, you will need a specific web, video, or audio conferencing solution. But, in a general scenario, three people join a conference call to discuss various business agendas or to resolve a query of a customer. Thus, all smart VoIP software solutions must have a 3-way conferencing feature.

6. Extension calling

Internal communication is as important as external business communication. Thus, extension calling support to reduce expenses and strengthen internal collaboration is necessary for any smart business communication system.

7. Call recording

Call recording
Call screening is necessary to ensure high quality of service and calls. For this, supervisors and team leaders need to assess how different customers are attended by businesses. Most VoIP platforms be it a SIP call recording software, #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH, class 5 Softswitch solution, etc. will have all call recording or selective call recording features. The smart solutions also provide file conversion, in-software file play, bulk call recording file download, etc. features to benefit businesses and aid in their call screening and quality assurance process.

8. Find me Follow me

Find Me Follow MeCall forwarding is a standard feature, which is available in IP PBX solutions, class 5 Softswitch, etc. But, you also need to have advanced communication features to cater to your premium clients or hot leads. Find me, Follow me feature is one of the best features available in the smart multi tenant IP PBX system to connect the customer or sales lead to one of the responsible executives by following a series of phone numbers until the last number gets reached or one of them attends the client.

9. Security features

Security features in smart telephony platformAlong with seamless communication, the business telephony platform based on SIP should have added security features. For example, fraud detection and management software available with a smart telephony solution like ASTPP will help you protect your business, business data, and sensitive customer information from fraud attacks. Even this type of smart solution, including, the #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH, ASTPP will have added security features.

10. Extensive reports

Call detail reports and logs are commonly available in all VoIP solutions, but what is more important to have in a smart business phone system is the range of extensive reports that provides more detailed data for analysis and decision making.

Concluding notes

A smart VoIP solution will have multiple useful and advanced features to benefit businesses that use this software. Along with 10 must have fundamental features, it would also have features like number porting, virtual faxing, click to call, mobile SIP dialer, voicemail, hot desking, and more.

Using the most advanced business platform for communication will help you reap more benefits. ASTPP is one of the best and most advanced smart telephony platforms built with astounding communication features to empower businesses. Contact us to know more and book a free demo of this software.