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New PBX Features of ASTPP: Defining New Business Communication Era

  • July 29, 2022

ASTPP: A Smart Telephony Platform, has extraordinary features that can help businesses and VoIP service providers grow faster. The ASTPP community members keep on adding new features and enhancing existing features in each version release to benefit businesses. The recent version release of this platform is ASTPP enterprise 6.0. In this new version, there are multiple enhancements and additions to empower users of the ASTPP enterprise edition. From its popular add-on multi tenant IP PBX to its core solution, there are so many amazing features added to this platform. Other than the technical enhancements and new features, there are some really interesting communication related features that you must know because these features are all set to define the new business communication era.

To help you understand what these futuristic features are and how they can benefit your business, here is a brief of each crucial

New feature in the ASTPP enterprise 6.0.

Call barging 

Businesses need to communicate with the customer support representatives during a live call to provide the best and real time training or to handle a customer that is on the verge of losing it. This feature is commonly available in the call center software developed by the top VoIP development company, but it is not part of any multi tenant IP PBX platform.

Being a futuristic and smart VoIP solution, ASTPP recognized the need for this feature and added it in the new release of this platform. Now, the uses of ASTPP can take advantage of barge-in an ongoing call and be part of that conversation to lead customer care or sales representative to better handle a call.

Intercompany connection

The common use of a multi tenant IP PBX solution is to create tenant accounts and set up a centralized business communication network for all tenants. These tenants can be branches of these businesses or they can be the customers using features of an IP PBX solution for business communication and collaboration. In this case, there would come occasions when companies need to establish an interconnection.

The latest version of ASTPP enterprise has added this feature to benefit the users of this platform and use futuristic business communication.

Better time condition based call routing

The multi tenant PBX add-on of ASTPP has been offering holiday and time based call routing for customers to handle the traffic more professionally and efficiently. This feature has been benefiting businesses to handle calls when there is nobody to attend a call to inform clients about unavailability along with a genuine reason to keep customers engaged,

The latest version of ASTPP has enhanced the time condition based call routing to benefit businesses with an even better and more engaging approach to handling clients even when there is no agent available to attend clients.

Call screening in the ring group

A business receives all types of calls, including some really important and priority calls that have to be attended by experienced executives. On the other hand, some calls might be junk and can be avoided or some calls can be coming from customers that are just raising an inquiry and the first level discussion can be carried out by a junior level staff member. But, how do you get to know about the importance or purpose of these calls?

This is made possible by the best VoIP experts of ASTPP by building a call screening feature for PBX users. This functionality is developed for the ring group feature. It will play the pre-recorded introduction of the caller to the business executives that are part of the ring group and the reason for calling to let business representatives decide who needs to attend the call first.

Queue option in the customer login

Now, users can select call queues at the time of login to reduce hassle later on. This feature of the multi tenant IP PBX solution will boost performance and quality of service.

Voicemail to email feature using SMTP

Voicemail to email feature has been part of the ASTPP add-on that offers an IP PBX solution with multi tenancy feature. The latest version of this platform, which is ASTPP enterprise 6.0 has also added an augmented functionality of voicemail to email feature using SMTP.

Automated reports

Automation has become a necessary aspect of any business and VoIP telephony is not something different here. ASTPP refers to itself as a smart telephony platform because it uses smart algorithms and features to benefit its users. Both enterprise and open source VoIP platform users of ASTPP gain advantage of automation of this smart software. The team has added some more automated reports to this list. The system will automatically generate and send these reports to the email addresses of the concerned people, leveraging the advantage of the best reporting features. They can use these reports to analyze different success metrics or performance KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to make the required business decisions.


Other than the features mentioned in this article, there are plenty of changes and enhancements made to the user interface, features, user experience elements, etc. to provide a seamless experience to the users of this multi tenant IP PBX software.

You can check the complete changelog of this platform, here

Concluding notes

There are so many types of PBX solutions, including, multi tenant PBX systems, available in the market. But, what you must use is whether to strengthen the communication of your own business or to boost communication empowerment of your customers that use your business phone services or hosted PBX solution.

ASTPP already has the most advanced multi tenant IP PBX solution with never seen before and rich features. With each passing version release or upgrade, the team and community leaders of ASTPP add futuristic features to this enterprise add-on. The recently added features and enhancements to this add-on will define a new business communication era and you can dominate this era.

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