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A Deep Dive to Know Important Information about Virtual Phone Numbers

  • July 28, 2022

Virtual phone numbers, which are also known as DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers, have been empowering businesses with their unique features and benefits. The VoIP service providers of DID number providers manage these numbers with a virtual number management solution. Businesses can reach out to international clients with a local presence using this VoIP communication tool.

In this blog post, we will take a deep dive to know about virtual phone numbers, their importance, their benefits, the role of a DID number management solution, the contribution of a VoIP development company, etc.

Deep dive to know about virtual phone numbers, their importance, their benefits,

Defining virtual phone numbers

These numbers are also referred to as VoIP numbers and are usually provided by DID number providers. These numbers use the phenomenon of VoIP based calling, which is why they do not restrict end users to take calls from a wired landline phone. An incoming call from a virtual number can be attended from anywhere using the right software or app like a mobile SIP Dialer. Its call forwarding feature can also forward calls coming from your DID number to the cell phone or a landline phone.

Cloud telephony has added more advantages and mobility to the users of virtual numbers. 

Defining a virtual number management platform

To purchase, sell, lease/rent, and manage these VoIP numbers, retail DID providers and wholesale DID number providers will require a reliable solution. The virtual phone number management solution, also known as a DID number management solution provides all the features to manage DID numbers and run a business as a DID provider in the retail and wholesale markets.

Key features of DID management platform

  • DID purchase and release
  • Per DID setup fee configuration
  • DID allocation
  • DID number hold and unhold
  • Billing
  • DID incoming call options
  • Call forwarding rules
  • Reports
  • And more

Depending on the provider, the features may vary from software to software, but these are vital features to have in your virtual number management system.

Functional model of a virtual phone number

To take complete advantage of this VoIP tool, you must know the functional model of these business numbers.

Functional model of VoIP numbers

  • Similar to legacy phone numbers, these numbers will also have 10 digits consisting of area code, exchange, and subscriber number.
  • This number does not use legacy elements to place calls like physical address, SIM cards, phone company tower, or network coverage. It simply places calls using the internet.
  • As the internet is the medium to make and receive calls for a virtual phone number user, a stable and high bandwidth internet is a must to enjoy an uninterruptible and quality calling experience. 
  • Along with the internet, you may also need either a device to access a web app such as DID calling solution or a smartphone app like a mobile SIP dialer.

Major types of virtual phone numbers

Virtual phone number

  • Local numbers: This can be a local number in the native country or even an international country to give a local presence to your business, regardless of where your business is located.
  • Toll free numbers: A toll free helpline number to let consumers reach out to your business.
  • Vanity numbers/ Premium numbers: Use easy to remember numbers that can be made of just digits or it can be alphanumeric phrases.

Difference between traditional and virtual numbers

Feature Virtual Phone Numbers Traditional Phone Numbers
Connection Wireless (SIP based) Wired (PSTN – landline) & Wireless (Cellular phone)
Mobility 100% Limited
Calling Tool/ Device IP phone, mobile app (SIP Softphone), desktop or laptop software (PC Dialer), web app, etc. Physical phone (Landline or cell phone)
Concurrent users Unlimited users can use it in parallel depending on the software capacity Only 1 user can use it at a time
Concurrent calls/minute Unlimited calls depending on the architecture and system support Only 1 call can be made
Hardware Zero (Cloud) to minimal (In-house servers) Completely hardware based network
Privacy DID number can be used dedicatedly for business calls to keep personal calls separate Difficult to manage different numbers for personal and professional call bifurcation
Call routing Flexible call routing depending on business need Limited or complicated call routing option
Other communication features An array of other features like:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • 3-way conferencing 
  • Call logs
  • And many more
Traditional communication features


Importance of using virtual phone numbers

Virtual phone numer solution

There are many benefits of using a virtual phone number in a business such as:

1. Show a local presence

Geographical borders are crossed ages ago by businesses to expand revenue channels. In many cases, for businesses, it becomes necessary to show local presence with a physical address or phone number. DID number solutions make it possible to get an international local number without actually buying one there and using telephony features. For example, an Indian VoIP development company can get a phone number from the USA to show a local presence.

2. Make your helpline numbers easier to remember

You can get a vanity number for your company to make it easier for your customers to remember. It will not only improve client satisfaction, but it will also help in getting some word of mouth promotion.

3. Cut cost on telecommunication

Virtual phone numbers use the VoIP calling phenomenon. Thus, it does not need hardware based infrastructure and it will not use a public switched network to make calls. This will save a lot of money on telecommunication by reducing the cost.

4. Remote communication support

Using any of the virtual phone number apps installed on your smartphone or using a web app, you can receive calls from anywhere without any geography or office premise restrictions.

Concluding notes

Virtual phone numbers are getting really popular due to their benefits. The importance of these numbers increases due to ease of adoption from a DID number service provider. 

If you are a service provider, you can use the best virtual phone number solution to manage the DID numbering business to continue growing and generating high profit. We offer this platform for wholesale and retail DID service providers. For more details