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ASTPP 4.0 Mobile Dialer Empowers Businesses

  • May 30, 2019

ASTPP 4.0 is recently launched in a grad event and in the event there were many informative sessions. One of the sessions introduced the mobile SIP dialer of ASTPP. The mobile SIP dialer can be used as an independent product or as one of the offerings in your VoIP business that runs on the ASTPP: A Smart TelePhony Platform.

This segment was delivered by, Ms. Megha Parmar, Team Lead in Mobile Development Department, ASTPP. She initiated her session with an explanation of the importance of a mobile SIP dialer. As per the details shared by Megha, “Almost 64% users prefer to use Smartphones compared to desktops. This makes a huge number and thus to reach this potential customer, each business must have a mobile app. For VoIP service providers, the best mobile app to be launched as part of their business is the mobile SIP Dialer app.”

The new version of ASTPP: A Smart TelePhony Platform has brought an advanced mobile SIP dialer solution. It is available for both, Android and iOS device users. Continuing further, the mobile team lead, Megha, shared key features available in the ASTPP Mobile SIP Dialer which are listed below:

  • SIP Account details
  • Rate display for calling
  • Phonebook synchronization
  • Call recording
  • Added security and privacy
  • In app recharge option
  • And more

The ASTPP Mobile SIP Dialer also supports calling card as well as product module integrations in addition to all other generic features available in the mobile SIP dialer app.

She shared that in the ASTPP Mobile SIP Dialer app, the security and privacy are specifically taken care of. For example, the call recording files will be private for the users and will be stored in the app on the device of the user. These call recording files will not be shared with the service provider or any third party. It means the call communication will be completely private as everyone prefers to have. Furthermore, the data and other information about the mobile SIP dialer user will be encrypted so it cannot be accessed by any intruders.

The ASTPP Mobile SIP Dialer application will provide in app recharge option. It means without contacting the service provider or without taking any additional steps one can recharge his account to use calling services.

The ASTPP Mobile SIP Dialer app also shows the rate to call at selected destination, so the users can stay away from any later surprises and can be well aware of the cost to be incurred for calling at a specific destination.

After sharing amazing insights about the ASTPP Mobile SIP Dialer, its key features and key benefits, Ms. Megha Parmar gave a walkthrough to the ASTPP Mobile SIP Dialer application by sharing screenshots. She explained various functionalities available in the app and its benefits.

The ASTPP Mobile SIP Dialer app also supports API integration, which can benefit the service provider. The app already uses some APIs. She wrapped up her session after explaining the APIs used in the ASTPP Mobile SIP Dialer and how the app is made more secure for its users.

The complete presentation on the ASTPP Mobile SIP Dialer is available here:

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