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ASTPP 4.0 Is Consolidated with Advanced Security

  • May 30, 2019

Any developed software is incomplete without rigorous software testing and quality assurance. The ASTPP 4.0 has been passed through meticulous software testing and quality assurance process. At the launch event of ASTPP 4.0: A Smart TelePhony Platform, QA lead of ASTPP, Mr. Hemdip Badani, shared an interesting presentation. His segment covered the QA cycle ran on the ASTPP 4.0 as well as he shed light on how secure new version of ASTPP is!

He started with explaining the QA cycle executed on ASTPP 4.0. As per the shared details, the software testing and QA team of ASTPP created and executed more than 3000 test cases on ASTPP.

“ASTPP is a gigantic product. It is developed with an intention to provide a stable, secure and complete solution. Thus, we had to make sure each small to big function is quality assured and we don’t leave a single chance of a security leak in the system. Thus, we ran 3000+ test cases on the ASTPP 4.0 which included all different types of tests for functional and nonfunctional test cases”, remarked Hemdip Badani, QA Lead, ASTPP.

He added, “Security is a general concern for all. From the end users to the business tycoons, all are concerned about the issue of security breaches. ASTPP has always been a secure solution and we wanted to strengthen the security checks. Thus, we have made sure to consolidate the security mechanisms in ASTPP 4.0 to assure that your business, data and customers stay well protected.”

He shared some common hack attacks and security concerns that can possibly breach security of the system. The 3 most common security attacks explained by him are listed below:

  1. SQL Injection
  2. CSRF (Cross-site request forgery in web applications)
  3. XSS (Cross site scripting)

He shared that the earlier version of ASTPP, which was ASTPP 3.6 was giving protection against these security issues. The ASTPP 4.0 has consolidated itself to protect these types of attacks even more strongly. To assure the security stays the highest possible, the ASTPP team has added additional security mechanisms such as,

  • Two different types of login credential security
  • Fraud detections
  • Activity logs
  • IP based tracking
  • And more

Mr. Badani concluded his session with an explanation of the top benefits of using the new version of ASTPP: A Smart TelePhony Platform.

The complete presentation shared by Mr. Hemdip Badani in the launch event is available here:

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