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ASTPP Community Leader Announced Successful Trip to Ghana

  • February 25, 2020

As shared in the past, one of the community leaders of ASTPP, namely, Mr. Samir Doshi went to Ghana on a business trip. He is returned and we are delighted to share it was a successful business trip.

Samir was invited by one of the leading technology company based in Ghana, West Africa. The company has been using ASTPP for many years to offer turnkey communication and collaboration solution to its customers along with some other tools. They are willing to expand their business and for that, they are interested in using the true potential and power of ASTPP 4: A Smart TelePhony Platform.

Samir visited Ghana to meet this customer and help them expand their business further. Here are the activities performed by Samir during his business trip:

1. Delivered a complete and detailed training of ASTPP 4

All earlier versions of ASTPP were just open source VoIP billing solution. Of course, it was one of the most powerful VoIP billing solution, but still, it was limited to offering features of VoIP billing and class 4 Softswitch. The version 4 of ASTPP is a complete smart VoIP solution which offers an amazing range of features and plug-ins to provide a complete VoIP solution to its users. The client company which invited Samir already uses ASTPP 4. Samir took a complete training session for the staff of that company so they not only understand the true power of the ASTPP 4 enterprise version, but they can also use this smart VoIP solution at its best.

2. Penned down a strategy for expansion

At the moment, this technology company uses different servers and some sort of traditional yet robust system and server architecture. Samir had a discussion to make this architecture even more compact and scalable. Based on the discussion, the whole new plan to set the infrastructure and architecture is created and approved which will be executed in a nearer future. This plan will make the whole system more scalable, robust, and efficient.

3. Met some more customers

Along with the customer who had invited Samir to visit Ghana, Samir also had an opportunity to meet other customers that use ASTPP 4 enterprise version. Samir gave them some personalized suggestions and recommendations based on their business model so they can use this system at its best.

4. Met community members

As per the pre-decided plan, Samir arranged a small meet-up with the community members of ASTPP. They all gathered at a predefined location and had some fun and knowledge sharing chats. The community members shared their feedback and comments. Some of them also gave some really interesting and useful suggestions which would be added to the improvement roadmap of this smart VoIP solution.

5. Had some leisure time

The customer also took Samir to some tourist spots in Ghana to have some fun time together. It really made the bond stronger between the customer and ASTPP team.

If you are interested in ASTPP 4 and / or its enterprise version, contact us.