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Mobile SIP Dialer Will Be Exhibited at CC Expo London 2020

  • February 18, 2020

ASTPP has reserved a booth at Call and Contact Centre Expo 2020 which will take place at ExCel London in London. The community leaders, namely, Mr. Samir Doshi and Mr. Arpit Modi will participate in this event and will greet and attend CC expo visitors from booth number 1961.

ASTPP community leaders will exhibit more about ASTPP 4 which is the smart VoIP software built to empower VoIP service providers. The community leaders are excited to showcase the strength of this smart telephony solution.

As everyone knows, ASTPP also offers premium solutions. The mobile SIP dialer is one of the premium solutions offered by ASTPP. The community leaders will exhibit the white label mobile SIP dialer of ASTPP at CC Expo from their booth.

This mobile SIP dialer, also known as SIP Softphone for mobiles, is one of the most renowned solutions offered by the company and any company or enterprise can leverage multiple benefits by using this Softphone. It is available as a free SIP Softphone for both, Android and iOS users. Android and iOS Smartphone users can download and use this app, respectively from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is available as a completely free solution.

A white label mobile SIP dialer is offered by the community at affordable rates. There are many companies use this SIP Softphone all across the world. The community leaders will exhibit this ASTPP premium solution at Call and Contact Centre Expo London.

The community leaders are willing to share more specific and personalized information about a white label mobile SIP dialer and its benefits in BPOs and Call Centers as well as other industries. The community will showcase VoIP mobile dialer developed by ASTPP experts and made available as one of the ASTPP premium solutions.

As per the shared details, all businesses, regardless of the fact that they want to use ASTPP 4 or not can use this premium solution to meet their or their customers’ communication and collaboration needs in real time from any location.

The ASTPP experts have added a wide array of features in this SIP Softphone such as:

  • Calling
  • Chatting
  • Call hold and pick-up
  • Registration and login
  • Contact book
  • Display rate for the dialed number
  • Conference calling
  • Call recording
  • Authentication
  • Call logs
  • Last call redial
  • Transfer funds to any other SIP account
  • Rate simulator
  • And many more

As per the shared details, it is a highly scalable and reliable mobile SIP dialer. It supports coupons, calling cards, and other industry standards.

The community leaders will exhibit all these features to their booth visitors at the Call and Contact Centre Expo on 18 and 19 March 2020. They will also meet prospective customers, customers, and members of the ASTPP community that live in London or nearby areas to discuss about mobile SIP dialer and its pros along with other details of the ASTPP 4 itself. The community leaders are still accepting personal meeting invites from 15 March to 20 March. To book a meeting or to know more about this SIP Softphone, please contact us.