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ASTPP Shared How Your Contribution in ASTPP Crowdfunding Will Be Used

  • December 12, 2018


ASTPP is an open source solution and it doesn’t have any premium model. It gives a fully functional FreeSWITCH Billing Solution for free to its users. It is free to download, install, setup and even to use. Just like any other open source solution, it comes with lifetime free license for its users. The ASTPP is considered to be the top 3 VoIP billing solution in the VoIP industry, including, open source and proprietary VoIP billing systems. This position could be achieved with continuous efforts and advancement in ASTPP.

As you can imagine developing new features in a way that it can get into the top 3 ranks isn’t any easy or free task. We, the maintainers of ASTPP, have been adding the funds without any sponsors or help. However, now it is the time when the competition and market demand are getting fierce. We alone can’t keep it going and that’s why we need the help of yours and all people out there that can help in making this solution the most powerful one.

All funds received through the crowdfunding campaigns will help us to double the force and efforts to release more new features that will help businesses to keep on growing. There are 10,000+ businesses that are using the ASTPP and the number is increasing by 250 every month. Your contribution will help in supporting all of these businesses and businesses related to these businesses.

We have shared more details on this topic on our Blog. Please feel free to explore those in the blog titles, How ASTPP Crowdfunding Will Work?

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