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Multiple Ways to Contribute in ASTPP Crowdfunding

  • December 24, 2018


ASTPP is a renowned open source VoIP billing solution and as you know this solution has been benefiting all sized businesses. To cope up with ongoing demand of faster research and development, we have launched the crowdfunding campaign. Of course, the main aim of this campaign is to collect funds as much as possible so we can support ongoing research and development activities. This will help us in releasing better and faster versions of the enhanced ASTPP: VoIP Billing Solution. On the other hand, we understand everyone may not be able to donate funds for certain reasons. Thus, we have opened multiple ways to contribute to the ASTPP Crowdfunding campaign. Each of this is explained briefly below:

1. Donate Funds

The first and preferred way is definitely donating direct funds from our campaign page which is available here: The direct funds will help us to align our strategies as we have decided to get the best results.

You can donate as less as 25 USD or more. We are also going to give some amazing rewards to the professionals and businesses that will donate the funds in the crowdfunding campaign of this open source solution. One of the rewards is to get featured on the ASTPP, which will give you an opportunity to reach 10,000+ businesses as well millions of visitors of the ASTPP.

2. Donate Resources

Another way to support this open source VoIP billing solution is by donating the resources. As you know for development, we need to perform continuous testing on the newly developed features. For this reason, we need development servers and long distance VoIP minutes, so we can test the features in real environment. Also, we accept the VoIP hardware such as ATA, IP Phone, etc., which will be used in the testing process.

You can donate predefined server space and VoIP minutes or access to the same for a predefined period.

3. Sponsor a Human Resource

This is another way of contributing in the crowdfunding campaign. All you need to do is sponsor a resource. We have a team of expert FreeSWITCH developers and experienced resource and software testing engineers. You can choose to sponsor any one or more of these resources by paying the salary for a certain percentage for predefined time interval.

These are different ways of contributing in the crowdfunding campaign of this open source VoIP billing solution. Your contribution will not only empower the community of the ASTPP, but also thousands of businesses that are using this open source VoIP billing software to run their business.

If you have any questions or any plan to support this open source VoIP billing solution, please get in touch!