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ASTPP face is changing

  • July 31, 2015
Good day Community,Its been long since we shared last update of version 2.0.
We continuously work hard to keep ASTPP improving and now its time to share few more updates:

1. ASTPP Revamped Logo

We tried improving ASTPP logo and prepared few with different colors and layout. From suggestions of ASTPP internal team, we have shortlisted 2 from them.
Please click on below link to participate in survey to pick the best logo which will be the new face of ASTPP.

2. Upcoming Version 2.1

Along with changing the face of ASTPP, We have also started development for version 2.1 and expecting it to be released in mid next month (June-2015).

We will share the complete list of fixes and new features included in version 2.1 in following updates.

iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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